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Course in SFBI

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Course in SFBI

Hello there, i would like to make some course in sfbi, but i'm with low budget and i live in brazil who know any kind of cheap hostel i would love it.

thanks for all reply!

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Hello, Hideki.

There are many hotels very close to SFBI, and they provide a shuttle service for free to and from SFBI. When you register for a course, SFBI will send you a list of nearby hotels. The SFBI is located in an area of South San Francisco called "Oyster Point." The hotels in that area are generally less expensive than the ones in San Francisco. However, their rates vary a lot from week to week, depending on demand.

In the meantime, if you call or e-mail SFBI and ask which hotels have the lowest rates, I think they will have helpful information. If you call, ask to speak to Lara. 

I have taken the Artisan I and Artisan II workshops at SFBI, and I recommend them highly.

Happy baking!


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Thanks David, that was very helpfull, i sent a e mail for Laura, about the course i already got a good knowledge what happens in artisan I because i worked with some one who made SFBI, i'm wondering with i can make the just the Artisan bread II do you know if some one already take the artisan II without the artisan I?

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When you book a room at a local hotel in South San Francisco be sure to ask for the special SFBI student room rate.  Be sure they have a special student rate, if they don't then book a different hotel. 

Don't bother to rent a car as public transport to San Francisco for side trips is very easy and as David points out most hotels will provide free shuttle service to and from the hotel to SFBI (note the Hampton Inn does NOT have a shuttle).  They(the hotel shuttle) will also be able to pick you up at the airport. 

I took the Artisan I Baking class and LOVED it.  I learned alot and it has improved my baking immeasurably.  Hope you can attend.

Bake on!


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Thanks Linda for the help.

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Artisan I is not required for people to enrol in the Artisan II course, assuming you already have a good understanding of the basics, such as bakers' percentages, the effects of time and temperature on fermentation, bread shaping, preferments, etc.

 Artisan II focuses on sourdough and other levain breads, so if that is all you are interested in, you can probably take just that course.  If you're not sure, contact SFBI and let them know what you are looking for.

 I took the Artisan I 5-day course and a weekend version of the sourdough course, and found both to be very well done and very helpful.