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I am fairly new to bread making. I started six months ago because shop bought bread makes me ill and now I've ended up selling bread to a local cafe for breakfast and to go with their soups. I particularly like sourdough and banana and walnut has gone down a treat. I love making up new flavour combinations and generally having fun with dough. I'm also addicted to pizza and creating the ultimate thin and crispy pizza dough.




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Welcome, Ted!

It looks like an olive loaf on the right... What's on the left?  Almonds and sugar, I think I am seeing?

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It's an olive and coriander sourdough and an almond and lavendar honey sourdough. My new favourite is sour cherry and dark chocolate or parsnip and lemon thyme.

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Apologies, my name is Catherine. User name is name of cheeky pony!

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hello.. hello Catherine. beautiful loaves and combination.


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I see you are a fellow experimenter!  What an intersting combination of flavors. I've made several breads with cherries but yours sounds very exciting.

Look forward to seeing your future creations.