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Messed up Pide dough rising - able to use it still?

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Messed up Pide dough rising - able to use it still?

Hi guys,

Would appreciate any and all help/insight! Thanks in advance.

Okay, so at the end of my shift at my family's little pastry shop I got bored and decided to make pide (Turkish bread). I got to the point where you mix the wet and dry and have a big sticky lump. The next thing to do is to knead it so it becomes smooth and elastic but then my family decided that we should all stop work and go home quickly, so I wrapped up my lump still in its bowl and took it to the car with me. Unfortunately for my pide and to the delight of my appetite, my family decided to have amazing Thai food quite a distance away from home. By the time I got back to a place with a kitchen my poor pide lump has risen more than double! I tried to continue on with the next step - that is, kneading it, but I didn't want to delay any further and used a handheld mixer with dough beaters instead (any insight if that's the worst kind of electrical appliance to knead?). It turned out WET-ish and VISCOUS. Slightly confused and tired, I left it on my kitchen countertop - remembering it after 3 hours and coming back to find that it has grown again. I poked it - it was nice and airy inside. I felt it was too much a pity to throw it out so I chucked it in my fridge and came here to ask if there's anything I can do with my pide mutant now. Perhaps use it as some kind of starter or feed (for a bigger batch of proper bread dough)? What do you guys call it?

For those who are going to ask, "why can't you ask your family? Aren't you guys running a pastry shop? Surely someone would know!" - Well we actually started off with cakes and pastries and we've only begun on simple bread rolls, so no one's got an answer for me!