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Video of slap & fold sourdough brioche

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Video of slap & fold sourdough brioche

Hi all,

I just spotted a video on the excellent Swedish blog Brödpassion ("Passion for bread") which shows that it is in fact possible to slap and fold brioche dough. Not only that, the end result looks marvellous! I guess one will have to buy his book, "Den Franske Bagaren" ("The French Baker"), to have the formula... Link to video here.

There's some wonderful photography and stories on the blog as well, all in Swedish but with an option on the right hand side of the page to use Google for translation.


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Hans Joakim.

I noticed that the flour has a  very creamy color, it looks like durum wheat. None of my flour is creamy like that.


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Hi Nico!

Good to hear from you. The author of the blog writes at length about the importance of flour in baking, and he makes a point of actively seeking out local, high quality millers for his flour. I'm not sure what grind he's using here or where he's sourced it from (99% sure it's an independent, small-scale Swedish producer), but "creamy" seems to be a favourite adjective of his when it comes to describing the very best, stone-milled flour...

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... and yes, there is quite some dough-slapping going on! Very interesting. For brioches, I always use my KA, but for many of my bread recipes, I leave it in the cupboard now.

I just subscribed to Brödpassion, I'll see how well the translator works. The writer is Sébastien Boudet, right? Do you know the excellent German bread blog "Pötzblog"? Its writer has quite recently baked from "Den Franske Bagaren": the baguette and the pavé, with very good results. 

He also reviewed a book by Martin Johansson and mentioned that he has a good blog. Do you follow him as well?

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It's been a long time! How are you?

I used to read the Pötzblog some time ago, but I think it eventually got lost in a crack among my many bookmarks... I really enjoyed following that one, so I have some catching up to do! Thanks for the tip!

Martin Johansson got really big in Sweden after he published his first book on sourdough for the home baker ("Surdegsbröd" (Sourdough bread) from 2009), and I used to follow the blog when it was still active. That one is now discontinued, but Johansson posts on his other blog at the moment. Some really good posts and wonderful photography. Johansson has published two more books as well, "Enklare bröd" (Easier bread) in 2010 and "Bröd och pizza" (Bread and pizza) in 2012. A busy baker/writer...!