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Anyone else having issues/difficulties with the word processing on this wonderful site? Floyd?

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Anyone else having issues/difficulties with the word processing on this wonderful site? Floyd?

Multiple miscellaneous issues. I have taken to constructing the post reply in Word and cutting/pasting it into the site. That seems to work.

  1. I can't always see where I place my cursor (no blinking cursor but text usually appears where I think I have it),
  2.  text disappears between the typing and the saving.
  3.  Sometimes the whole post disappears (or the end of the post) if I try to preview between the preview and save.
  4. My "bold" button would not turn off until about the 10th try, this last post.

Is this related to some of the structural/software changes being made? My difficulties seemed to precede the announcement by a few weeks so I thought it might be related.

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Mini Oven

and having to shut down Safari and reopen to remove the problems.  Just did it again because I couldn't pull up the home page.  

Edit:  I lost the net soon after posting.  I think a lot of my interruptions are caused from my service here timing in and out.  Sometimes hard to pinpoint probs.  I've had my comment erased before but I've gone back a page and got it back more than a few times.  I also copy (cmd+c) before clicking on "save."  And make sure the spelling checker is no longer "boxed" when I "save" or it vanishes.    

I did notice that one of my photos was automatically "sized"  and that made me smile.  Cool!   

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Hmmm... I haven't made changes or updates to the editor software here since well before Christmas.


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Firefox acting up when going home. if it spins for more than 10 seconds I hit stop, then try again at it goes right thru. Doesn't always happen maybe one out of five.

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back afterwords ans said a comment field is required blowing my comment away.  I just typed a comment to this post where it relayed the various problems I have had for the past year and continue to have these problem a year later with no changes whatsoever  - and it did it again - saying comment field is required.  I'm thinking I've had enough for today.  Sorry Floyd it is just as bad as it was year ago - nothing has changed.  You type in the field and it comes back and says you didn't or it just blows it away without even a lame excuse.  Something has been and still is very wrong.

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As I mentioned in a blog post last night, I've been working my butt off the past month working on a major software and interface upgrade to TFL. If you haven't yet, check it out.

Few bug fixes are going to happen here between now and the release of the new site but hopefully the upgrade, which includes an upgrade to the editor and improved image handling tools, will remedy many of these issues. 


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I am not complaining-just informing. This is a great site and I cannot imagine the work that goes into it. I wish I had the capabilities to help but all I can do is cheer from the sidelines.  I hope you feel all the gratefulness that flows your way from all over the world!


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site, our end rather than yours, I haven't had problems with things like the site telling me the comment box is required, but I have had problems loading pages, and getting things to stay rather than blip in and out. I have also been getting these problems with my service provider saying that the Firefox (Mozilla) can't find a server, it sometimes can't even seem to connect to my server to collect the email properly, usually a short time and it works properly. I run Mozilla on both email and web crawling, so it can be a problem with it? But it seems to come and go, so don't know if its a problem with that, or the service provider or possibly web gateways, I didn't get the usual amount of email several times when the web browser was telling me that it couldn't find this or that server so was wondering if something was going on with attacks or viruses in web land!

I actually took my computer into the shop and had it cleaned and cleared out, and have been having better luck with things, so maybe part of the problems are simply too much stuff on the hard drive, even though a large drive should be fine, and why do they make them if they don't work well when half filled (mine was only 57% full) so make sure your spyware, malware and antivirus is kept up to date, clean out old programmes you don't use, and get the thing serviced and it may clear up some of the problems reported.