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What do you do with your mixer when you're not using it?

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What do you do with your mixer when you're not using it?

My wife and I have a disagreement regarding our Kitchen Aid mixer.

She said that most people put their mixers away and don't leave their counters cluttered up. I disagree. Everyone that I know that has a KA mixer has a place for it on the counter, where it stays. What's the general usage here? Does it get put under the counter somewhere, or does it have its own corner to sit in?

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I have a Bosch mixer, a Bosche Mill, a Kitchen Aid mixer, a Hamilton Beach MixMaster, a Komo mill, a blender and a food processor.  They all live on a couple of big, deep shelves in a corner of the kitchen.  The only things out on the counter are the bread box, toaster, cookie jar, coffee pot and coffee bean grinder.  I pull out what I am going to use, and put it away when I'm finished.  Sounds like we're neat-freaks, but it doesn't feel like it.  Doesn't look like it either. :)

That's how it is in my house anyway

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Mine on a shelf under the kitchen table. Your wife is right to keep down the clutter, unless you use it daily.

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At home the grain mill is on the counter, the mixer is on the counter, the food processor is on the counter, the coffee mill is on the counter.  These are used either daily or very regularly and putting them away each and every time is not reasonable (to me).  I know many who would NEVER leave these things on the counter.  We are indeed all somewhat different, thank goodness!


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all the time.  There is no room anywhere else.  All the cabinets are full of other junk used less.  Few have room for such big things to keep them out of sight.

I'm thinking of offering it to SETI though - to search for those pesky extraterrestrials, just like I used to do my laptop, when we are not using it :-)

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The KitchenAid Mixer is on the counter.  The grain mill is on the counter.  Very convenient.


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Mine lives in the pantry, right next to the microwave. I know, it's strange having a microwave in the pantry! I'm a petite person too and it's comical to see me lugging it over and reaching out to slide it onto the shelf. One of these days I'm gonna fall on my face! But when I'm not using it, it would be in the way on my counter, my little galley kitchen isn't very big.


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We have a large kitchen but only 1/3 of a wall has a counter. We chose not to have too much of an american style kitchen and only have that wall organised with bottom and top cupboard with a counter. The rest is furnished with "separates": A buffet, an hoosier cupboard, a kitchen hutch which top is glass for our "better" dishes and glasses and a chest of drawers for miscellaneous and kitchen linens. Our KA has its residence on top of the chest of drawers. I move it to the counter when I need it, which happens pretty much everyday. If I had more counter space I'd keep it there.

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Mini Oven

also in the drawer is a large rice cooker, blender, mixer stick and most of their parts.  Nothing on the counter except the knife block and coffee machine.  (clean sweep)  I pull things out when needed.  

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My kitchen is ridiculously small by American standards.  My spiral (which is 70 lbs of mixing fun) lives on a table top in my "kitchen annex."  It is simply too heavy to move.

My Kitchen Aide lives in a cupboard which is higher then I am tall.  I lift it down to put it on the counter and then put it away immediately after use.  This is my involuntary fitness program. 

I leave nothing on my counter except my sourdough starter.  I have no room! (also it's easier to keep the counters clean if there is nothing on them...)


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Small kitchen counter, KA is a space hog. Used to keep it on the counter (with tailored cover). Reorganized kitchen and found space for it in a cabinet.   Small kitchen looks more spacious, too.

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Mine lives on top of my fridge. I pull it down when I need it and put it right back up when I'm done. Still out to "showcase" like some people like to do I guess, but really I have a small NYC apartment kitchen. I would only leave it taking up space if I didn't have room for it anywhere else or I used it daily. 

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My mixer (DLX) lives on my counter and is used daily.  To heavy to put away daily.  Mill on counter too as well as cooling racks but they got put in daughter's room when she went off to college in Sept.....(They do get moved back into the kitchen when she returns on holidays though.)  

I am of the philosophy that a home is to be lived in so things that we use have places that are convenient though may keep our home from ever being photographed for 'House Beautiful' magazine....

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Faith in Virginia

To be literal to your question.  If I'm not using it ...I ignore it and don't think of it much. :-)

But where do they live when not in use... One KA (the white one) sits on a shelf as a back up.  It smokes real easy when asked to work some.  One KA (the dark gray one) Sits on a rolling cart with the attachments in a bin underneath.   It's handy to push in the way or out of the way.  The Univex 30 quart sits nicely in the corner on the floor.  If you want to move it you will need three big guys or one woman with a dolly.

I have lots of counter space but it is always trying to get crowed out, coffee grinder , twin toasters, digital scale, the usual stuff.

With that said...I think both you and your wife could be right.  It just depends on who is the boss in the kitchen.

Fun question.


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I have a white Kitchen Aid mixer, but I store it in the bottom kitchen cabinet.

There are people who do store the mixer on the counter since it gets used constantly. Also, the mixer serves as an interior design accessory. Must match the colorful mixer with the other kitchen appliances. haha

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I never thought of the "accessory" angle, mine is stored when not in use, but it does match all the appliances!

Nice point!

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Wish I could pack it away but the cabinets are cluttered with 2 clay bakers, an iron Dutch oven, a Cloche, oodles of rolls of parchment, a pasta roller machine, etc etc. Sadly, no other room, even my allotted garage shelf space is overflowing........


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My Breville stand mixer, which is used about every four days, is on the kitchen counter, kitty-corner from my Wolfgang grain mill, which is used every day. It is next to the breadbox, which is next to my OHaus electronic scale. The coffee mill, pepper mill, and cheap blender used for grinding other spices is in the corner behind the grain mill and stand mixer. The meat grinder (used seldom) and water still (used daily) are in the laundry area on a table next to the upright freezer. The pasta maker (used rarely these days) is in a cabinet under the kitchen counter, along with a steam juicer that I have never used and some miscellaneous backup coffee-making equipment. The ice cream maker is on a wooden chair in the living room, in front of a bar cabinet that is no longer stocked since we both all but quit drinking. Buckets and boxes of grain and other bulk foods are stacked out of the sun anywhere between the kitchen and the laundry area.

In other words, the things I use are where I need them to be and the things I don't use are out of the walkway. We won't win any housekeeping awards here and our house is most definitely not child-safe, but my husband and I live here contentedly with our cats.

Attitudes about appliances stored in plain view may be related to attitudes about computer cables. I used to install personal computers into business offices as a part computer networks I was setting up. Most people understood that powered devices have to have power cords. A few demanded that I somehow make the cords completely invisible, which is of course not possible. These people were even repulsed by their phone cords. I have no idea what that means in psychological terms. Perhaps fear of snakes? *grin*

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My KA stand mixer lives in a lower cabinet under the counter. When I renovate my kitchen I will store it in a lower cabinet with lift. 

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the cupboards are full, I don't like to bend to put something heavy on a bottom cupboard shelf (or lift it out and up either) and the upper cupboards are totally impossible (I can't even put my beautiful red plates in them, they are too large being square) not to mention I can barely reach the bottom shelf of them let alone the second shelf with out a hook and ladder truck. I also have 2 microwaves, a coffee maker, and various other things on the counter, I have a space with my rolling board ( a large sink cut out that I've had for many years) the cook book rack, and my marble rolling pin holder (I used to have the pin in the fridge, but the darn student fridge is too small now) one of the microwaves is not plugged in, and the other is the small one that is used for heating coffee and melting butter, the larger ones are across the room, on a microwave cart. I really and truly want to remodel the kitchen, and incorporate the end of the dining room into counter space and cupboards (totally useless space at the moment) and then maybe I can put the dishes into a cupboard. Just waiting on funds and husband not working to build them for me. He does beautiful cabinet work!