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Bouchon Bakery - Better Nutters

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Bouchon Bakery - Better Nutters

This was a tuff cookie but worth it in the end. The dough was easy to make but difficult to work-up. Proper chilling after each phase of make-up was essential. So, roll cut cookie then transfer to freezer. Let chill. Remove cookie from sheet and place on baking sheet and put in fridge to keep cool. Once all cookies are cut they must be frozen before baking or will spread into puddles. That said the cookies once baked are light and tasty. You dont so much eat them as they dissolve in your mouth. The oatmeal imparts that flavor profile of the nutter-butter. I didnt care for some leftover oats in my mouth though. Next time I will put the oatmeal in the food processor and make it into a coarse 'meal' like flour. Now on to my biggest challenge, buttercream. I have failed so many times trying to make buttercream. I used pasturized egg whites from a carton (safety concern). While at the store buy a candy therometer. Mine cost me 6.00, you will need it. I followed the directions very closely and was elated when I made wonderful looking buttercream. I didnt use my mixer to blend in the peanut butter. I just used a bowl and spatula to fold the two together. It is  the peanut-buttery-best! I see a chocolate cake with this peanut butter buttercream in my future. These were definitly worth the time. And I was rewarded with a tasty treat for my effort. Next weekend is the TKO's, see you all there.


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nice job....I'm trying to lose some weight and you're not helping!  At least they are not chocolate :)

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There not chocolate but, the TKO's next weekend are! We had some friends over a couple weeks ago. I told them I was going to bake the book. To which one of them replied "your going to get soooo fat!".

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Debra Wink

Can't wait to see the TKO's, MANNA.  All your cookies from this book have looked spectacular---so much so, that I went and added it to my amazon wish list. These remind me of the Girl Scout cookies I used to love as a kid.

All the best,

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Thanks Debra. I have been learning alot in doing this. If you get your book join in week to week.

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my foods teacher said that the problem with eggs is samonella on the shell not in the egg itself, she said you could pasturize your own eggs, simply by bring a small pot of water to almost a boil, it should be releasing small bubbles or pearling turn off the stove, take the egg onto a spoon, and dip it into the hot water for 1 minute, this will kill off the bugs on the shells, and you can use the eggs without fear. a bit of work, and some trouble but a whole lot cheaper than buying that stuff in the cartons, which I simply didn't find worked well at all. Besides half the time its outdated on the shelf around here.

You don't want to do these ahead thinking you will be getting ahead, as it destroys the component on the shell that keeps the eggs from becoming bad, sort of a wax that is natural to the laid egg. This is why they don't wash or heat treat the eggs more than a rinse to get any muck off, this is one reason why they confine the hens for laying to keep them cleaner.

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The egg whites in the carton are easy to get around here. Havent had problems with expiration dates. I use the organic stuff and dont have problems whipping them up. Also adding 245 degree sugar syrup gets them pretty hot but not to 165 that would kill off the little beasties. Im still alive, so far.

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I wish I had a few right now with a glass of cold milk.  Yum.  I loved the original nutter butters but these are certainly better!

Thanks for sharing your bakes with us.  It's a great way to see the beautiful items in the book.