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mobile device problem

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mobile device problem

Is it just me or is there anybody else who's been having a funny problem when accesing TFL site from a mobile device, like a tablet? It only started happening earlier this morning ( UK time ), but all the layout of the pages look weird, out of normal places. I've checked other non-TFL sites but I get the problem only on this site and only from my tablet. I can see alright from my desktop PC. 

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Craig_the baker

i am having the same issue. different colors and layouts.

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I don't think it's just mobile devices - I'm accessing the site from a laptop and I'm also having strange layout issues.

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TFL is botched on my iPad and iPod Touch (iOS).   Haven't checked it out on my netbook; it loads normally on my office desktop (Windows)

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So relieved to hear I'm not the only one.... though that means extra hard work for Floyd, God bless him.

I don't have laptop, so my problem is only with tablet at the mo. Desktop working far.

Yes, weird colour and layout, and also I can't access to 'My Account' page because the menus on the left has completely disappeared. The only way to do that is going to one of my posts and click my username.  Then the account page is even weirder. The layout is all over the place! :D


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Actually at 8:15 Pacific Standard Time (Seattle WA) I get exactly the same layout, colors, etc. on my laptop as I do on my iPad. Looks good to me!

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I think it should be better now.  Not perfectly optimized for mobile devices, but back as good as it has been.


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Thank you, Floyd! It's perfect now....welll, I'm typing this from my desktop, but when I checked with my tablet 1/2 hr ago everything was back to normal.  :)

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on my end.  I am fine with my laptop and tablet.  No issues.

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You wouldn't now. It was yesterday we had the problem and Floyd fixed it for us straight away. ;)