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posts disappear during composing?

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posts disappear during composing?

I've tried to post an intro a couple of times but half way through composing it (it's not that long, lol) the page seems to automatically refresh or something, and the post I'm working on disappears and the page goes back to the list of forum topics.  Does this happen to anyone else?  Any idea what's happening?   I'd love to introduce myself but haven't been able to.  Thanks!

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A few weeks ago this seemed to start. I have had some problems while composing,also, in that I cannot often see where the cursor is. That seems intermittent as I can see it just fine tonight.

I had a problem previewing a post a couple times. I would preview it and part of the post would be missing. Then when I tried to edit, the whole thing would disappear. Very frustrating. 


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Just an idea...I was having trouble the other day trying to post about my solar oven bread and I finally found out that my husband had disabled Javascript because of security issues. This site must use Javascript since once it ws enabled again, I was able to post. There's a lot of confusing information that you can Google right now about Java security problems but if I understand it right (ha!) Javascript is not the problem.

Happy baking, Christina

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This happens all the time.  The worst ones are when you hit preview or save and the entire post disappears.  Sometime the site posts 'you must have a comment in the comment field'or something like that.  Well if it wouldn't have blown off the entire comment there would be comment in the comment field.  I just put everything in Word now it case it blows up I can recopy but sometimes the  site won't let you post from Word using the icon button either.  Very quirky.

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Thanks for the replies.  It's good to know I'm not alone, but it sure is frustrating to invest the time and have it go up in smoke... Much like my baking sometimes, LOL.   Oh, the irony.   I'll look into the Java issue.