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Searching for Bread Baking Class - Portland, Seattle or West Coast

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Greg D

Searching for Bread Baking Class - Portland, Seattle or West Coast

I have been baking bread for my family since the 1970s but I am trying to learn how to produce high quality French and European style breads in my home oven.  I have most of the books by Reinhart, Clayton, etc. and I try to follow their written instructions but the internal structure and external appearance of my finished breads do not approach the level of quality I see and read about. I would like to have hands-on training.  I am also interested in learning more about whole grain bread baking which I know very little about.  I am not looking for true professional classes since it is unlikely my wife will let me buy a $25,000 deck oven in the near future, although I do continue to dream about it.

Hopefully there are classes either in Portland or Seattle or at least on the West Coast that would fit.  Suggestions greatly appreciated.

Happy Baking!

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Maybe Grand Central Bakery in PDX has a class, you could call and ask them for advice.


PS. Don't tell them about the deck oven, they might get nervous bakers are a funny lot.


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PCC Natural Markets offer classes, including bread basics and keep an eye out for George DePasquale (Essential Baking) - he pairs up with different groups to offer classes occasionally. He's the one I'd go for here in Seattle. I don't see anything listed for him right now, but he seems to do several a year at different locations.

If you want to knock your socks off, go to the Kneading Conference West in September 2013 ( - you'll get an amazing amount of informtion, education, and elbow-rubbing with some great bakers.