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Looking for baking classes in Phoenix area 3/4-3/7.

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Looking for baking classes in Phoenix area 3/4-3/7.

I will be accompanying a spouse who is on a business trip to the Phoenix area and trying to find a class to take during that time frame. 

Looking for bread/baking/cheesemaking/fermentation classes (in order of preference).

Any ideas of people or places to check with? I get lots of hits when I google it and it is hard to sift through all that without being familiar with the area.

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Stuart Borken

Call Sweet Basil kitchen store where they have regular cooking classes.  Ask for the names of teachers who teach baking classes and get in touch with that person or persons and use them as resorces.

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I will followup with that. It is a long shot but I am hopeful to find something during the dates I have to work with.

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Doc Tracy

Sur la table in Scottsdale and Shars in Gilbert both have great classes.

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Try to reach Chef David Smoake, 2006 national gold medalist in pastry and baking. I think he's head chef of the pastry and baking department at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Scottsdale. He occasionally teaches bread-baking classes. Awesome bread formulae and techniques! Wonderful personality.  I took his Southwestern breads class some years ago.  Good luck.