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ITJB FR Week 13 FINAL BAKE Chiffon Cake pps. 197-99

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ITJB FR Week 13 FINAL BAKE Chiffon Cake pps. 197-99

We 3 gmas DID IT!!!! We perservered and finished the challenge of baking almost all the recipes in the first edition of "Inside the Jewish Bakery" .  We just completed our last week of baking exclusively from this great book... Thank you Stan for your input throughout our adventure. Your book will always be a tribute to Norm, maybe he will be watching from above.  We finished our schedule with the Chiffon cake selections beginning on page 197 Perfect Chiffon Cake, Helen made this one; Orange Chiffon Cake, page 198 made by Barbra; and I made the Chocolate Chiffon Cake on 199...  These were great fun to bake... and they will be even more fun to eat.  

I will post these in order of the pages in the book this time.

  Here is Helen's Perfect Chiffon Cake all glazed

and looking like a lemon dream.                           

She is taking a small coffee break before packaging up this marvelous cake and covering it for coffee time, when her daughters drop by... I am sure it will be enjoyed. Coffee or tea, either one would go well with this sweet cake, topped with a cream cheese and lemon glaze.

  Beautiful job, Helen - all throughout this challenge you have made exceptional desserts and breads. Good Job, youngest sister! "The braided bread queen."

And now the sister that started all this!!! Barb, inspired Helen and I to loftier dreams of baking... Barb made the Orange Chiffon Cake on page 198. How nice it looks, all orange and light looking.

  She decided to put a chocolate glaze on top... and you can certainly see why she chose to do so.

This is a beautiful piece of Holiday  baking.  I thought she was avoiding cutting into this delight, because she had it in mind for a delivery somewhere, as she usually "gifts" her family with her treasures... but I just received this crumb shot, indicating that Barb herself is getting to enjoy her creation.

Looks very good... all that  dark chocolate and that light and airy crumb .  Well, our elder role model, you did good! We followed your lead and you led well. Thank you for taking Helen and I along on this adventure... It has been one of the better ones! ;-)

  I made the Chocolate Chiffon Cake  on page 199. This cake was very easy to make, let me add, I like the way the cookbook splits up the ingredient list on these recipes... made the putting together of it very easy and easy to check to make sure one didn't miss anything. 

  I made the chocolate buttercream icing that is on page 272...  put a few walnuts on top and whalla... a nice decorative dessert fit for holiday company...  Here is my crumb. This is a nice light brown chocolate. Not overbearing, moist and delicious... just gifted 1/4 of the cake to a neighbor who dropped by... (I am turning off the porch light, LOL)... We had a good baking day.  We had a good baking year, thanks to "Urchina" and "Elagins" and my sisters, it has been fun... We will still bake together each week... on to new projects. We are actually going to throw in some whole meals... and breads from many sources.  When the topic is bread related... you will see us here, often, I am sure. 

Thank you to those who have followed our posts, given advice many times, and cheered us on...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. 

Sincerely, the 3 gmas: Barbra, from Colville, WA; Helen, from Haltom City, TX and myself, Diane, from Granbury, TX = See ya'll next year.


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You 3 baking gmas make me happy :-)

Have a wonderful holiday season, and thank you for sharing your lovely bakes!

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I am sad to see it end! Thank yall for sharing so much! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to yall too!! God Bless yall!!!


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:-) We will be baking together and posting when it is appropriate.  Thanks for the support this past year. We are on to other resources and learning all along the way... this next year will be quite Italian... 

See you here.


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Mini Oven

And how different the bakes can be.  Scrumptious!   Marry Christmas to y'all too!    May the coming year bring plenty of blessings!

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of Cakealicious baking GMA's!  Lemon, orange and chocolate chiffon cakes posted all at once almost had me going into anaphylactic shock.  Thankfully my apprentice is a well trained sort of  paramedic, as well as, a sort of baking apprentice.  When I showed her the pictures  of your cakes she immediately went onto her back, 4 paws in the air begging for a tummy rub.  Who knew she liked cake better than PIE!!!

Very nice baking. Can't wait to see your Italian side.

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I have the second edition of ITJB and am interested in trying all of the chiffon cakes. My version does not elaborate on how you add the unsweetened lump chocolate and i am guessing you grate it, or did you melt it and temper?

TIA, Brian

PS great looking cakes gmas!!!

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Yes! I grated it! I had to go back and look at the notes I wrote into the margins... I thought about melting it... but with adding it to the eggs, etc... decided grating would be more temperature friendly... worked well.  I hope you are loving the book as much as we did, do and still are.



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For the fast response! Todays project will be the orange chiffon Swiss roll with chocolate fudge filling and frosting, then enrobed in chocolate. I am loving this book asm uch as you gmas are perhaps more. This is my first foray into high end desserts and am LOVING the eating results! I am having a hard time staying away from the Hungarian rolls filled with walnut. They are nearly finished so another batch is in the pipe, this time half walnut filling and half poppt seed. OH MY . . .

Thanks again and happy baking and eating! Brian