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ITJB FR Week 11 - Bowties pg. 237

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ITJB FR Week 11 - Bowties pg. 237

We 3 sisters baked Bowties this morning... what a fast and delicious dough this is... takes a group of eggs, so if you are needing to use some up this is your bake.  These cookies are light and tasty and amazingly addictive.  I can guarantee you that we are going to make these again, and again.

 This is what the first stage of resting looks like. The dough was surprizingly "not sticky", had a good soft, kind of stretchy feel to it.

 Here they are ready to pop into the oven until golden brown.

Barb's bowties, in the beautiful light and shadow of her kitchen in Washington. She says the darker ones taste the best!  

Then Helen filled a whole mixing bowl with her creation near Ft. Worth, Texas!!! She said she thinks they taste very "European" and would make a fine tea or coffee biscuit.

and ending with mine...

in Granbury, Texas... the bake was easy and the results are awesomely tasty.    I added to that plate after the picture taking. Looks like a mountain of sweetness.

All in all, a great bake.  Barb says there is a "Stella D'Oro" Italian cookie that tastes just like these... therefore it must be good.

We had our usual good time together and are joining ya'll next week for Yeast Raised Donuts in honor of Chanukah tradition... page 168-70... looking foward to getting together  over coffee with my sisters...  and anyone who wants to drop in.

Happy Baking,

Diane, Helen and Barbra

(the 3 gmas)


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They look like what we used to call "nothing cookies" in Toronto (also known as "eiher kichlech" or egg cookies in Yiddish). They look really good. Thanks for the photos.


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They really could be called egg cookies... I told my husband we could rationalize that we are having a crispy "omelet" when we eat them... they are delicious, glad they brought back memories. 

;-) Diane

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As USUAL!! What day do yall do this?? I would LOVE to join in! I am a Surgical Nurse so I am off different days....would you mind if I jumped in one of these days?

Thank you for sharing your work! Just amazing!!


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We usually do our baking on Mondays, just seems to work for us... but any day would be fine... We would love ot have you bake with us and would love to hear of your adventures... we are just about to finish this cookbook in two more bakes... But trust me, we will be posting and letting ya'll know ahead of time what we are going to attempt to learn in the future.  Come learn with us, please and thank you.  Great, great, great. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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and busy for a few days - managing to miss your last bow tie bakes.  Love the baked 'omelette' too.  I bet these disappeared about as fast as a beautiful sunset too!.  Such simple pleasures are perfect for teh holidays!

Nice baking GMA's

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an excuse for sweets... these eggy delights are now hidden... but still crispy and tasty four days later... yummm... and we all know that cheesecake is our dairy portion, and carrot cake is a vegetable... yep... I can do it~! Missed seeing you here for a few days, sent up a quick prayer that all was well with you and all your apprentices. And then here you are. Thanks for the comments we all look forward to them.

Diane, the middle gma.