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ITJB FR Week 9 - Danish Coffee Ring pg. 135

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ITJB FR Week 9 - Danish Coffee Ring pg. 135

We 3 sisters baked the Danish Coffee Ring this week - what fun that laminated dough turned out to be... a challenge with a tasty reward. 

 Helen made hers with Almond filling and made a beautiful braid, garnished with cherries and slivered almonds.  


Baked to perfection... She says it tastes like  a bear claw danish and that it is very light. She plans to make this again. I am sure her apprentices hope that will be SOON.


Barb made hers with a cheese filling after, of course, making her own Farmer's cheese to put inside this puppy... She says I can caption this with... "Follow the directions, pay attention to what they say about the amount of bench flour" her dough remained rather wet, giving this scrumptious looking danish quite the relaxed appeal. It looks so crispy and sweet! 


                                                                                           I am thinking sliced... it will be an impressive gastronomic delight!

 Whoa, I forgot why my girls never wore braids... what a challenge!!!      

My filling was also the almond filling, for the cake crumb ingredient, I used the chocolate marble cake   thereby creating a chocolate almond filling... that is, by the way, very delicious... I have more... for the other half of this lamenated dough... This was a fun bake... I am no longer afraid of lamenated dough...   Actually I like it...

We came together and baked and chatted and since this was a two day dough... we had even more time together.

Next week... surprizes are in store... stay tuned for the results... we are making pumpernickel bread pg. 69... but there will be a tribute to Eric Hanner, so some Rye in there, and maybe a "3 granny twisted sister chacon" (thanks for the name DAB) ... we are feeling very "rye" and creative... Check us out, see you here.

Happy Baking,



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Crispy and can easily see why Diane is the one who posts. If I went by looks alone, I probably would have made a comment about my baking looking like it might have been designed by Elsie the Borden's cow baking assistant. Even overwet, it is however, a good tasting Danish although nearly impossible to shape. I am very proud of those pastries that both my sisters baked this week.


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to mention "scrumptious!" You know it is good... the taste is what counts. LOL

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Grandma's out did yourself this week.  ALL of these look like 10 pounds of thigh fat on  5 pound thigh.  They just have to be delicious and good for you too!  Very nice baking and can't wait to see your surprise next bake.  I've been slaving away in the kitchen all day and this made my day.  Thanks