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Android Baking App

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Android Baking App

I was looking for an android app to store recipes in baker's percentages and automatically scale the quantities. The Baker App does this and also handles imperial/metric conversion very elegantly and generally looks pretty.

It is only just out and so far there does not seem to be any way to export or import recipes which is a bit of a pain as I would like to have my tablet and phone in sync without having to enter everything twice.

But, the app is free and they seem very open to sugestions for improvments so it is worth a spin if you are an android user.

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Sounds very useful.  However I have an Apple iPad.  Anyone know of a similar app for my device?


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A sourdough calculator is available in the App Store for 99 cents.  I haven't purchased it, so can't offer any opinions.   The name of the app is Sourdough Calculator.

Also found Bakeshop, which looks more interesting than the Sourdough Calculator.  That one is $1.99.  

Both run on iOS 4.0 or later.

Michael Ruhlman also has an app called Bread Baking Basics for $1.99.  

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Tks for that info.  Appreciate the hekp.

Sondra in South Oz

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The Baker App

Thanks for the post Knead2Know, it is always wonderful to see the thoughts of users. You'll be glad to know that sharing/exporting recipes will be the next major release of the app. I've also noted your comment about importing recipes, it's a great idea!

Our original goal in making the app was my frustration at the lack of quality baking apps on Android, there are some good sourdough calculators though, but they cost and are generally a little clunky. I hope our app has started the trend of well designed baking/cooking apps on Android.

We are currently in the process of designing some new recipe packs for our next release, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Details are here:

All the best,


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About time! I desperately need a great baking app on Android :). I hope this will cause great domino effect :D. All hail bakers!

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I have built any number of bread formulas using the Apple app called Numbers. Some are from Hamelman, Suas or Reinhart and some my own. I have set them up to be able to enter the desired amount of final dough (or in some cases the amount of mature starter on hand) and let the spreadsheet do the heavy lifting to compute the weight of each ingredient to be scaled. Each formula (in the recipe sense) also includes brief step instructions similar to those in Suas. Within Numbers it is easy to export as PDFs or Excel files, though the former lose their computational capacity and the latter may not look very pretty when imported into non-Apple devices. I can send a sample as an attachment to a regular e-mail address but don't see a way to do so via TFL. A working sample for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch would depend on one having Numbers installed; the app is “universal” so one $9.99 purchase covers installation on all one's iGizmos.

Although there's a bit more involved [middle school math, oh my!] in adapting a recipe to this format, there's a lot more flexibility than permitted in the "bread apps" I've seen. Each one also has a table below to keep a log of dates, temperatures (room, flour, water, final dough) and times for each mix where I normally enter projections of times for S&Fs, dividing, proofing, etc.—to be converted (as bold face) to actual times on completion.