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ITJB FR WEEK 2 Jewish Biscotti pg. 240

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ITJB FR WEEK 2 Jewish Biscotti pg. 240

This was an  interesting bake in the fact that even though we were all on the same page in the same book.... we all individualized our final product differently.

Helen (gmabaking2) made hers with chocolate chips... yum... 


ending up with these great looking treats to have with coffee

  I made mine

with chopped walnuts                          


and Barb (gmabaking) made hers with pomegranite flavored craisins and nuts....

so, again we had great fun... again we enjoyed comparing our baking and talking throughout the day... and already we are planning to get together for baking day next week... We are making French Cookies page 228.

Join us, and Happy Baking,



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of biscotti flavors.  Love the vertical 2nd baking of the slices too.  A new method.  Nice baking gmagals.

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We have found that they toast better that way. Thank you for the kind words... we just keep plugging away! 


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I am having a baking afternoon,  walnut bread, and two lots of sourdough at different stages and now these easy-peasy biscotti.  For the first time at the supermarket I noticed craisins - are these new to the UK or have I just not noticed them ?  I made half quantities, and baked for 35 minutes, turning the oven down to 160 as it started to brown too quickly.  I have yet to taste them, but my husband tells me they are quite good - that was mid way through his third.  It is good to be baking with you again.


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are my go to for almost anything that I used to fill with raisins. Have probably tried most of what are new flavors (to me anyway)- pomengranite, blueberry etc. The little bit of tartness make them taste a bit like fresh fruit.

Those are lovely biscotti and it is good to be baking with you again also. Could not imagine next week's challenge until I found a picture of Italian Strufolli and realized this is the same idea. The challenge will be the stickiness and trying to get the nuts to adhere to the dough instead of to me.

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my two sisters together... Helen's choc chips and Barb's craisins... I am so envious... I love that easy recipe... I baked pumpkin cookies and banana bread today... nothing that looks as good as your biscotti... great job! I bet that biscotti is sooo good.