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Ezekiel bread

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Ezekiel bread

Hi Has anyone baked an Ezekiel bread before? I would love to compare recipes. Do you cook your beans before the time or do you grind the dry beans? Thanks Ilse

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flank steak

hello! I have made in the past sprouted grain bread, it was called  Ezekial bread-- but nothing was cooked before the final low bake, it was all sprouted then ground up and mashed together and baked at a really low oven setting. I used lentils, wheat, millet, barley, and added some cinnamon and raisins and I liked it very much. Hope this helps!

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and there were others using search.  Sounds like some good bread too.  We love sprouts in bread. I guess I have been making it without knowing it and just calling it multigrain with sprouts - and seeds :-)