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After surgery, I've lost my taste for bread

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After surgery, I've lost my taste for bread

I prepared for hip replacement surgery by filling the freezer with bread and bean soups. 

I've been back from the hospital for three weeks and I find that I can't eat any of the stuff I prepared so carefully. It all seems loathsome; I don't know why. 

I thawed a loaf of bread, ate a few pieces, and turned the rest into bread pudding (which I did like). I revived my sourdough culture and made sourdough pancakes (which I liked). But bread? No way.

This is all very odd and I hope it's temporary


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Hard to believe but eating is hard work for the body. I wouldn't presume to guess what may be the issue/s but I can tell you that when I was far into undiagnosed congestive heart failure, very little tasted good or appealed to me. When I did try something the only way I could describe it was that it tasted like ashes. Now how I would have known what ashes tasted like I don't know. Just dull and palatable I imagine. It was only after several months of treatment that the thought of eating as something other than one more necessary chore, started to fade away. One day I found myself remembering how something tasted and trying it, -the taste didn't return before the interest but one day I realized that whatever I was eating had a familar taste. Enough about me, except to encourage you to have patience that one day all will be well again.

Do take care of yourself, and give your poor body time to heal. It has been through a dreadful ordeal and deserves a rest--even if it is only your bread- specialized taste buds that are resting! Blessings and best wishes for a speedy recovery-


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Take heart, Felila.  I lost a bunch of weight when replacing my knees and hip but it was very temporary.  The anesthetic from surgery made everything taste too too sweet till it wore off.  Meanwhile the pain killers kept me totally unhungry and my breads tasted like mush.  Think a good four months went by from last surgery to renewed appetite but I'm back to normal weight now.  Darn!   : )