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ITJB Final Round Schedule

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ITJB Final Round Schedule

We 3 sisters, gmabaking, gmabaking2, and gmagmabaking2.... have set up this schedule to finish bake testing the First Edition of the ITJB Cookbook. The schedule enables us to finish the book by the end of the year.  It is our hope that many of the ITJB Challenge bakers will join in and bake and post and share their stories... our first week is posted under 3 gmas ITJB-ing Week 1... It will be fun to see how the bakes come out and to learn from the many very experienced bakers on this site.

Thanks, MANNA for asking fot the schedule to be posted, next week is Jewish Biscotti... see you here.


Week of:

9/23/12      Eggless WaterChalla          pg. 35

9/30/12     Jewish Biscotti                      pg. 240

10/7/12     French Cookies                     pg. 228

10/14/12   Honey Balls                           pg. 235

10/21/12    Barley Bread                        pgs. 87-88

10/28/12    Onion Kichel                        pg. 238

11/4/12      Montreal Bagels                   pg. 100

11/11/12    Rugelach                               pgs. 216-217

11/18/12     Danish Coffee Ring             pg. 135

11/25/12      Pumpernichel                     pg. 69

12/2/12        Bow Ties                             pg. 237

12/9/12       Yeast Raised Donuts           pg. 168-169

12/16/12     Chiffon Cake                         pg. 187

Jump in wherever and whenever you want to... looking forward to a great Fall full of baking.

Diane (gmagmabakinng2)

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I am so looking forward to baking these things... many I have NEVER baked or even seen anywhere.  How fun!

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I hope that I will at least be able to bake some of them. Much as I like the idea - one baking project per week is just not doable for me.


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... and I'll be watching, of course


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for checking in... I see the new edition of the book is doing well and has fractured into Kindle apps... that is great! Is it ever going to be available as a Nook Book?  The individual Kindle apps look interesting... Congratulations on spreading to the electronic media! ;=)


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and bake when you can, then send in some pictures of you and your family. This challenge is even more enjoyable than test baking!


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of some fine baked goods. Can't wait to see all the variations from the weekly bakers.