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Transcript of September 2012 #BreadChat (from Twitter)

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Transcript of September 2012 #BreadChat (from Twitter)

Earlier today Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers hosted the September 2012 #BreadChat on Twitter. Now in its eighth month, #BreadChat is a Twitter discussion hour for bakers of yeasted, artisanal breads.

During #BreadChat, @AmateurBakers led the discussion through a handful of questions related to yeasted bread baking. During the September #BreadChat, we discussed the concept of "hydration neutrality" when adding a soaker to bread dough.

We were delighted to welcome back Eric Duhamel (@EricFrenchBaker), Master Baker at Daylesford Organic, as co-host.

Below is the transcript of the chat. Please read from bottom to top, Twitter-style.



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Thank you for participating in today's #BreadChat,@EricFrenchBaker @MortalGreenWhim @OnBlank @Fabuloaf@all_you_knead @ilovephillippas



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Thank you for participating in today's #BreadChat, @stirthepots@MESKPA @iosoiki @PanarrasCom @mysilpat @Javier_Marca@acousticcoffee



Miquel Saborit Vilà ‏@MESKPA @EricFrenchBaker Bon profit! #breadchat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @MortalGreenWhim Wednesday, October 17 is the next #BreadChat-- we hope to have you with us again.



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers Bye for now !... #Breadchat



EmmanuelHadjiandreo ‏@Emsbread Thanks for a great hour. #BreadChat



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers Phytic acid is an interesting stuff to talk about... Maybe next time ! #Breadchat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers For October's #BreadChat, we'll be discussing techniques for developing one's own bread formulas/recipes.



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers Thanks to you and have all a good evening/afternoon/morning ! #Breadchat



Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @EricFrenchBaker @amateurbakers Thank you for #Breadchat . Always a highlight in the month.



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker We look forward to reading up on phytic acid#BreadChat



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers @MortalGreenWhim That's a good/funny idea ! ;-)#Breadchat



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @MortalGreenWhim Like should be main loaves ! ... :-) #Breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker Thank you for co-hosting today's #BreadChat!



Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @AmateurBakers Fantastic! #Breadchat



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers Sadly, I have to go... I have a soup on the stove. ;-)#Breadchat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @MortalGreenWhim Perhaps you could interest a cheese maker in these remains, local goat cheese rolled in ash? :-) #BreadChat



Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @EricFrenchBaker Yes, just joking as my loaves are all baked directly on clay oven floor #Breadchat



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @MortalGreenWhim @stirthepots @amateurbakers Good one !! :-D#Breadchat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Our official #BreadChat hour is up, and bakers are welcome to stay on and continue the chat.

Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @MortalGreenWhim I'm talking about the seeds falling of the loaf after the unloading of the oven (when you unmould your loaves). #Breadchat


Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @stirthepots @amateurbakers @ericfrenchbaker A niche for scorched semolina and wood ash perhaps? Excellent fibre!#Breadchat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker Yes, that is a good point to remember. Thank you for the historical perspective, Eric. #BreadChat



Jeremy Shapiro ‏@stirthepots @MortalGreenWhim @AmateurBakers @ericfrenchbaker a bit charred! #Breadchat



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker Germinated seeds are usually more digestible. Originally, this is all about bread making : making cereals more digestible. #Breadchat



Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @AmateurBakers @ericfrenchbaker My customers wouldn't be happy if I was scraping seeds out from the oven as I bake without pans #Breadchat

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @MESKA Welcome to #BreadChat! We're in open discussion now.

Jeremy Shapiro ‏@stirthepots @MESKPA Hola Miquel! #Breadchat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker @Fabuloaf Is it (or, when is it) desirable for seeds to begin germinating/malting? #BreadChat



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers So it changes the taste of the seeds and the chemistry reactions they can provide to the dough. #Breadchat



Panarras.Com ‏@PanarrasCom @EricFrenchBaker :-) it pays off to pour soaking water on hot roasted grains. Outer layers are porous and will soak thoroughly#Breadchat


Miquel Saborit Vilà ‏@MESKPA #BreadChat hello #breadchat



Fabuloaf ‏@Fabuloaf Is there a maximum time for soaking seeds? #breadchat@AmateurBakers

Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers A longer soaking can lead the seeds to start germinating (that's the malting process)... #Breadchat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker @MortalGreenWhim Nice idea. Recycling ingredients feels (and tastes) good. #BreadChat



Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @EricFrenchBaker @amateurbakers Very thrifty! #Breadchat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker Longer soak = more reduction in phytic acid?#BreadChat



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @MortalGreenWhim @AmateurBakers What is excellent is to keep the topping seeds which fell off and put them in an other recipe.#Breadchat

Jeremy Shapiro ‏@stirthepots @EricFrenchBaker Not for a living, still chefing, but doing it as a side project! #Breadchat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @MortalGreenWhim "seeds...partially toasted in wood-fired oven and oils released into bread" sounds mouth-watering #BreadChat



Jeremy Shapiro ‏@stirthepots @EricFrenchBaker how did the pumpernickel come out Eric?#Breadchat

Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @stirthepots Home baking for a living... pretty hard, no ? #Breadchat

Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @AmateurBakers I don't soak seeds but add at final shaping so partially toasted in wood-fired oven and oils released into bread#Breadchat

Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers Not really I think. It's more interesting to soak for longer in order to change the seeds chemistry. #Breadchat



Jeremy Shapiro ‏@stirthepots @MortalGreenWhim @EricFrenchBaker It's pop up but it's fun! Till I find a real spot to bake with an oven! #Breadchat



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @PanarrasCom Twitter is sometimes very frustrating when it slows down... :-( #Breadchat

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Q4: Is it possible to influence bread flavor by soaking seeds/grains with more/less water (i.e., off neutrality point)? #BreadChat

Panarras.Com ‏@PanarrasCom @AmateurBakers @mysilpat Thnks! Not able to tweet much today but really enjoying the #Breadchat!

Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @stirthepots Hi Jeremy ! How are you going mate ?#Breadchat 

Jeremy Shapiro ‏@stirthepots @EricFrenchBaker Great..just working and doing a guerrilla based bakery from my apartment!

Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @stirthepots @ericfrenchbaker Sounds brilliant #Breadchat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers No takers for question 3, it seems. Just had a new question emailed to us now, so we'll try this one instead... #BreadChat

Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers Telling which ones are more watery than others... It's very difficult. The millet might be one of the driest. #Breadchat

Jeremy Shapiro ‏@stirthepots @AmateurBakers Thanks! #Breadchat



Jeremy Shapiro ‏@stirthepots @EricFrenchBaker forgot the #Breadchat thingy!

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Q3: Do particular soaked grains and/or seeds release more water than others when kneaded into bread dough? #BreadChat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @stirthepots We're on question 3, will re-tweet for you... #BreadChat



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @stirthepots Hi Jeremy ! How are you going mate ?#Breadchat

Jeremy Shapiro ‏@stirthepots Hello all at #Breadchat Just on a break from work, getting my micro bakery orders hooked for weekend!

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @stirthepots Welcome to #BreadChat!

Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker Welcome all ! #Breadchat



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @PanarrasCom That's indeed an interesting method. #Breadchat

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Q3: Do some soaked grains and/or seeds release more water than others when kneaded into bread dough? #BreadChat

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @PanarrasCom @mysilpat Welcome to #BreadChat! We're on question 3. Will re-tweet for you...

Silpat ‏@mysilpat Hello, we just tuned in .RT @amateurbakers: Are you listening in to#BreadChat right now?


Panarras.Com ‏@PanarrasCom We love to roast grains & seeds before soaking, helps release oils and gives extra depth of flavour #Breadchat

Panarras.Com ‏@PanarrasCom Hi to everybody, we're from Barcelona#Breadchat

Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers Obviously ! After, this could be the subject of a real research... #Breadchat



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @MortalGreenWhim Everybody does this. "Creating" a recipe is, in fact, a pompous word. #Breadchat

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Q3: Do certain soaked grains and/or seeds release more water than others when kneaded into bread dough? #BreadChat

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Let's move on to #BreadChat question 3...

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @Javier_Marca Welcome to #BreadChat!

Javier Marca ‏@Javier_Marca Hi there, bakers! #Breadchat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @Javier_Marca Welcome to #BreadChat!

Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @EricFrenchBaker I like to try a few recipes before making a new one. Mainly because I need the experience! #Breadchat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @iosoiki Welcome to #BreadChat!

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Are you listening in to #BreadChat right now? If so, please say hello and tell us from where you listen.

Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @EricFrenchBaker Do you work from scratch or try and adapt existing formulas? #Breadchat



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker It may have been easier to take an existing recipe but there is no fun in this. I want something which is mine. #Breadchat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker Thank you! I think we have a future #BreadChattopic here...



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker I'm currently working on a pumpernickel recipe. So, I do some experiments after getting information on this kind of bread.#Breadchat

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Just joining #BreadChat? We're on with @EricFrenchBaker@MortalGreenWhim @OnBlank @Fabuloaf @all_you_knead@ilovephillippas @acousticcoffee

Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker A recipe comes from an idea. The setting is making it happen, determining the rate of each ingredient and the process. #Breadchat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker "Setting of a recipe" -- what exactly does that mean? #BreadChat

Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers Practically, it's more the setting of a recipe which will determine the right process and rate of water. #Breadchat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Q2: What is meant by term "hydration neutrality" when adding a soaker to bread dough? #BreadChat

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @acousticcoffee Welcome to #BreadChat! We're on question 2. Wil retweet it...

Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers It's very difficult to know before experiment if the seeds will or not absorb or release water in the dough. #Breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Besides lots of practice and experience mixing soakers into dough, are there other methods for achieving "hydration neutrality?"#BreadChat



Dale Harris ‏@acousticcoffee sorry I'm late #breadchat think i will be learning lots here!



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers I understand "hydration neutrality" to be more of a theoretical concept than a true goal, @EricFrenchBaker would you agree?#BreadChat

Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers This is true only if the seeds are not over-hydrated during the soaking. Otherwise they would release their water.#Breadchat

Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers This term means that the seeds won't interfere with the dough hydration. #Breadchat

Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @EricFrenchBaker thanks. Love all the chemistry #Breadchat



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @MortalGreenWhim The phytic acid is a natural compound found on the brans of the grains. It locks the minerals. #Breadchat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Q2: What is meant by the term "hydration neutrality" when adding a soaker to bread dough? #BreadChat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Let's move on to question 2 ... #BreadChat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers When a mineral binds to phytic acid, it becomes insoluble, precipitates and will be nonabsorbable in the intestines (wikipedia).#BreadChat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @MortalGreenWhim @EricFrenchBaker Just had to look up phytic acid ... we, too! #BreadChat



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers It can come as well from the enzyme activity coming from the seeds. #Breadchat



Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @EricFrenchBaker Just had to look up phytic acid ... understand now #Breadchat



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers This can come from various reasons, including the moist retention of the seeds. #Breadchat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker Phytic acid found in hulls of nuts, seeds, and grains (wikipedia). What effect does phytic acid have on dough?#BreadChat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker We've noticed at home that soaked seeds/grains make the crumb marvelously light #BreadChat



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker Also, it has the advantage to minimise the negative effect of the phytic acid. #Breadchat



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker Soaking seeds helps to revitalise them and makes them partially more digestible. #Breadchat



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker Welcome to all ! #Breadchat



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers First of all, as you said, this helps to keep the hydration of the dough but that's not all...#Breadchat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @ilovephillippas Welcome to #BreadChat!



Phillippa's ‏@ilovephillippas @AmateurBakers Hi #BreadChat listening in from Melbourne Aust



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Q1: Soaking grain/seeds overnight can soften them and keep them from pulling hydration from dough. How do you bake using soakers?#BreadChat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @Emsbread Welcome! Glad to have you with us on #BreadChat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Today on #BreadChat, talking about the concept of "hydration neutrality" when adding a soaker to bread dough. Let's begin with question 1...



EmmanuelHadjiandreo ‏@Emsbread Hello #BreadChat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @all_you_knead Welcome! Happy to have you with us. #BreadChat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers A warm welcome to our co-host, master baker @EricFrenchBaker#BreadChat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Waiting few minutes for bakers to join us, then we'll begin with 3 pre-submitted questions, after which, open discussion. #BreadChat



all you knead ‏@all_you_knead @AmateurBakers hello to everyone on #BreadChat from Lancashire, England, we'll be listening in



Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker Good evening ! #Breadchat



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @MortalGreenWhim Hello, Sonya! Happy to have you with us on#BreadChat today.



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers When you come online, please say hello and tell us from where you're tweeting (even if you plan to listen in). #BreadChat



Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @AmateurBakers #Breadchat Hello from chilly Lincolnshire UK :-)



ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Welcome to #BreadChat, now in our 8th month. The monthly chat for bakers--amateurs & professionals--of yeasted, artisanal breads.