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Happy Rosh Hashanah!

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Happy Rosh Hashanah!

Happy Rosh Hashanah to all  -  A New Year Knotted Roll for dinner made here:

but eaten tonight.  It is a 50% Rye SD Knotted Rolls With Wheat Germ, Barley Scald, Caraway and Sunflower Seeds and was just as good as the day they were made.    They are all gone now but we will make some more sometime in the New Year.  The best to you and yours.

Forgot the New Year's sunset.


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Nice looking rolls!

Beautiful sunset also.
Happy New Year.

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Year Ian.

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and sunset. I think I should save the pictures to remind me of what sun shining on fresh bread looks like this winter. Hope the new year brings many


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Winter is coming!!  Garden time, no more + 100 F  days, no cutting the grass, baking indoors :-)  No more great sunsets :-)  But will still have great light at dusk for bread photos.   The Best to you and yours for this new year.

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Looks like a great formula. I missed your post (Can't help it ;) ) , DA! Never attempted Knotted rolls shaps before.

Happy rosh hashanah to you , DA! I hope that you and yours have a splendid new Year!


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start doing knots it is hard to stop.  I put them, one large or 3 small ones, in the bottom of Chacon bakets before final proof and surrouind them with the remaining dough, to give the Chacons their unique cracked shape.  they are a lot mire fun than making bagles and no boiling.  But, if you did lower the hydration to say 59% -60% and boiled them they would be very bagle-ish from a taste and chew point of view.  Will have to try that some day!

I just checked the freezer to make sure they were all gone and I found another one.  these are very tasty rolls and we just canlt get enough of them.

The best to you and yours Khalid