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KAF Baking Center in VT - worth a visit?

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KAF Baking Center in VT - worth a visit?

Hello TFLers, 

My husband and I are planning a last-minute road trip in New England, we'll be spending time in Vermont and Maine in the middle of August. I was wondering if the King Arthur Flour Baking Center in Norwich, VT is worth a visit even if I won't get to take a class there? The classes are all sold out, sadly. Does anyone know if you can still watch bakers at work or get a bakery tour? They have a cafe so I'm assuming you can buy some good bread at the very least, and also shop their store for baking supplies.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Maya,

I've taken a couple classes at their Baking Education Center and it's been immensely enjoyable and rewarding in lessons learned.  However,  the bakery is a working bakery - they produce something in the neighborhood of 600-700 lbs of dough per day if I recall correctly, and for all sorts of good reasons, visitors aren't allowed to drop in and watch them at work.

However, they've recently relocated their bakery operations, along with classrooms, so it's worth a call to see if the new layout allows folks to see the bakery in operation.


PS- Worth noting that they're usually up and at work around 2-3am in the morning, so by the time you arrive their day may be done.

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Thanks Larry! I will give them a call.

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Postal Grunt

I think stopping by the store is always worthwhile when I'm in the area. It's easy to get there since its only a few minutes off the interstate. Once you're in the store, you'll be amazed at the number of things that you never knew you wanted until you got there.

If you're there around lunch or dinner time, try the Norwich Inn. Besides lodging, they also have the Jasper Murdock Alehouse with very good food and beer.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I too am keen to check out the store (though I can't go berserk in there as I have to fly back eventually, LOL)

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they will ship things for you.  You may wish to check your messages...