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ITJB Round 2 Week 11: Elephant Ears (p. 145) 7/7/12 - 7/14/12

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ITJB Round 2 Week 11: Elephant Ears (p. 145) 7/7/12 - 7/14/12

These are absolutely not the Elephant Ears I grew up with. The Elephant Ears I grew up with were giant platters of fried dough dredged liberally in cinnamon sugar and served terrifyingly hot out of a booth at the local fair. They were awesome but not the sort of thing one would attempt at home unless one had a very large quantity of oil in a very, very large pot. 

These, on the other hand -- these are exactly the sort of thing one might attempt at home. And so we will. Be aware that if you are using the blitz puff pastry there is an error in the recipe. The errata page is here:

I'm so curious about our attempts! Happy baking!



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Wow, hadn't given much thought to the amount of FAT in those recipes... until Helen's oven caught on Fire!  Yep... flames!  Full blown fire in the hole so to speak.... The dough was great to work with... and then the fun started... 

 Notice the nice parchment paper... and the sideless cookie sheet... there in lies the problem.... all that butter melted out and ran all over the bottom of her oven and whoosh! ... got em out of there and got the mess cleaned up and ended up with some pretty cookies.


I, having been forwarned by the, "I just threw my canister of flour into the oven" phonecall.... used different pans... 

       Made sure I had plenty of room for all the melted butter,

they sort of fried in the butter and got nicely browned...   

Barb, opted out this week, decided that the recipe was one for disaster for her diabetic hubby... and would be way too good to resist.  They were not as big as Kendra remembers from her childhood, but they were tasty... flaky and the dough was great fun... this is definitely not something you want in the house if you are dieting... my friends loved them and they are so light that they disappeared quickly. It was a fun bake. Helen got the visit from Lucille Ball this week... can't wait to see what happens next week. See you here!


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Who knew bread (and pastry) baking could be such an adventure? All kinds of really awful puns come to mind but I will take the high road and spare TFL of my attempts at humor. Glad fire went out and all turned out well. Your ears are lovely too. Good job