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'gluten free' non-wheat products

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'gluten free' non-wheat products

To the best of my understanding, gluten is a protein composite found in foods processed from wheat.  I am emphasizing 'wheat' because I have a question about this.

I was in the supermarket yesterday. While walking through the Meat Dept., I noticed in the refigerated shelves they had packaged sliced ham listed as "gluten-free".  Yeah, last time I looked, pretty much all pork products didn't come from wheat.

So, I guess I'm wondering why any non-wheat product like pork, beef, etc, etc, that is obviously not  a wheat product be listed as 'gluten-free'.

Can someone please exzplain this? Thanks in advance. :)


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Sometimes ham comes with a glaze, and the glaze contains wheat. 

Sometimes manufacturers add a current catchy (and overworked) phrase to their products, such as "artisan carrots."

The ingredient list should be your guide.

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Lindy D,

Aha, ok. That makes sense. Thank you for explaining that. :)


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Gluten can also be in flavorants and additives that may be derived from other cereals/grasses. Some celiacs need to prevent even a miniscule exposure.