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ITJB Round 2 Week 10: Medium enriched dough (p. 110) 6/30/12 - 7/7/12

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ITJB Round 2 Week 10: Medium enriched dough (p. 110) 6/30/12 - 7/7/12

This was one of the recipes I tested for the book, and I enjoyed it very much, finding it an easy dough to work with, flavorful and versatile. This time around, I think I'm going to follow the suggestion of Stan and Norm (p. 108 of the book) and try baking 1/3 of the dough at one hour into the bulk fermentation, two hours in, and three hours in. I'm curious about how the length of fermentation will affect the structure of the dough. 

Of course, this may mean that I don't get this bake done this week -- but I'll share when I do get it done! Share when you get yours done!

Also -- a check of the errata show none for this recipe. Bake on with confidence!



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Now there is a real challenge!  I think I have looked at that page and wondered if I could do that. Now I am encouraged to give it a try, kind of a challenge within a challenge--except for starting with 200 pounds of dough as on page 208. Which types are you going to make Kendra?

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Tomorrow I plan to try taking dough from a bulk ferment at three different times as described in ITJB as a way that it is done in bakeries. I would appreciate thoughts, experience, and or cautions to my adventure in trying something new.

My plan is to double the recipe and take 1/3 of the dough at twenty minutes for double knot rolls,  1/3 of the dough at another hour for onion rolls, then after another hour take the remaining dough for kaisers or salt sticks. Have wanted to try klopping so maybe tomorrow is the day to make kaisers. If not, a loaf of Vienna bread is always appreciated.

A major concern is that won't taking part of the dough from the bulk collapse the rest? Is that part of the goal, or would it be better to divide the dough into three parts and put it into three bowls right after mixing?

Thank you for your help


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Met the Medium Enriched Dough Challenge, well actually, Barb MET the CHALLENGE! The Texas branch enjoyed making Onion Rolls again, and enjoyed making some sandwich thins! Absolutely the best dough, along with Vienna Dough... Just great, taste, texture... AWESOME... Here is Barb's Day doing just what Jewish Bakeries Do...

8:00             Mixed double batch of Medium Enriched dough, placed in oiled bowl for bulk ferment 8:20             Removed 24 oz of dough and shaped into 6, 4 oz double knot rolls 9:25             Divided remaining dough in half (24 oz each) shaped half into loaf for Vienna Bread, placed in oiled pan for proofing                    other half returned to bowl to continue ferment for Kaiser Rolls                             9:40             Brush double knot rolls twice with egg glaze after reaching 3/4 proof , placed in 375 degree oven for 20                                  minutes                            10:10           Brush Vienna Bread with egg wash, slash once, in oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes
                                                                                                          11:00           Divided rest of the dough into 8, 3oz balls for Kaiser Rolls, let rest for 20 minutes  11:20           It's Klopping Time !! took 30 minutes to "shape" 8 rolls, now they rest until almost full proof Noon           Kaiser rolls in oven at 450 (recipe says steam but I don't do that anymore) for 30 minutes
                    Can't believe these guys could have any oven spring left but they sure do! Enough even to unpleat some of my                                klopped pleats.....                   ah well, the book says it gets easier with practice! Not a round one or a well formed one in the bunch.  They are great. My knots stayed knotted but weren't very well rounded, the bread is great looking unless you notice the crooked slash, and the Kaiser rolls, well let's be kind and just say if they were wheels and you tried to roll them you couldn't. However one of the really nice things I find about being a home baker is that everyone is so impressed and swears that they look just like they came from a bakery. That would be more flattering if there was a bakery in town other than the supermarket ones ;-))All in all, it was an interesting experiment watching the dough change in texture as it matured. The finished products are so different, with an open crumb in the knots, smaller more closed in the bread, and shreddy with crisp crust in the Kaisers. That said, I hope that is the way they were supposed to turn out.Can't believe those knots were in a bulk ferment for only 20 minutes.
For a day like today when I needed to make both sandwich bread and rolls, this is an easy to follow plan.Next time I make Vienna bread I think I'll just make one loaf and give klopping another go. I would say, Barb's day was fun filled with great rewards... Helen and I had busy days outside the house yesterday and our baking was early and quick... another great feature of this recipe... Here are our pictures, lunch and dinner were well received with these breads to go with!Helen's beautiful onion rolls... always a success! She served these with some great pulled pork for sandwiches.and Mine.... I enjoyed making the sandwich thins and will definitely add these to my weekly bread supply.                                                                          Looking forward to next week's Elephant Ears... Now THAT looks like a Challenge!!!See you all here,Diane
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I enjoyed making the dough and the results were not bad.  Two thirds of the dough I made into a Vienna loaf, and the rest I made into 5 Kaiser rolls.  I baked the loaf and because time was not on my side decided to retard the rolls in the fridge overnight and bake the next morning.  This was not good.  The rolls, although tasty were heavy and not pretty.  In fact 3 went into the bin - not something I do very often.  So, it is back to the drawing board, and next time I will follow the instructions to the letter.

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fever.  I want the kaiser rolls, onion rolls, sandwich thins and the Vienna Bread.  All look terrific.  Very nice baking and Nici's Vienna bread is top notch too.

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dab for the kind words... that was a fun bake... looking forward to making the salt sticks and poppy horns tomorrow... I love the Vienna bread so much, that I am thinking I will make half the dough into a loaf and learn the challenge technique with the other half.  Thanks again.