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Transcript of June 2012 #BreadChat (from Twitter)

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Transcript of June 2012 #BreadChat (from Twitter)

#BreadChat is a Twitter discussion hour for bakers of yeasted, artisanal breads.

At today's #BreadChat, we were fortunate to co-host once again with @EricFrenchBaker, Master Baker at Daylesford Organic.

The focus for this month's #BreadChat was feeding schedules for wild yeast cultures, with special attention to the effects of weather.  We even heard about a 57-year-old sourdough starter!

Below is the transcript (note: it reads from bottom to top, Twitter-style).


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @AmateurBakers/BreadBakersAroundTheWorld To suggest #BreadChat topic or submit question to next #BreadChat email


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @AlexGoochbaker Great to have you with us. Good luck with the bake. #BreadChat

BreadStorm Software ‏@BreadStormBaker @pwjryan Thank you, BreadStorm will be in touch with more information soon. #BreadChat


Alex Gooch ‏@AlexGoochbaker night fellow bakers,some shit hot bread is gunna be made tonight..if we get to bed that is! #breadchat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @richard_howell That's great to light up an old fashion wood fired oven.#BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @AmateurBakers/BreadBakersAroundTheWorld To suggest #BreadChat topic or submit question to next #BreadChat email


Alex Gooch ‏@AlexGoochbaker @EricFrenchBaker @pwjryan my courses start soon, i love the enjoyment people get from learning about proper bread..#breadchat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @ilovephillippas Have a gud'day Down-Under ! I love you country. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Visit the #BreadChat webpage for news about the July #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @AmateurBakers/BreadBakersAroundTheWorld If you've been listening in to #BreadChat, please tweet and let us know!


Rich Howell ‏@richard_howell tops #BreadChat will be back. Off to read up on wood fired ovens, have volunteered to bake in local museums this sunday. Very excited


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers It's always a pleasure. Thank you. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers If you've been listening in to #BreadChat, please tweet and let us know!


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @ilovephillippas We're happy to have you with us, listening in from Australia #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker That you for being our co-host this month! We value your expertise. Thank you for sharing it with us. #BreadChat


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan happy baking all #breadchat good night


Phillippa's ‏@ilovephillippas @AmateurBakers @pwjryan loving following this mornings #breadchat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker Have all a good night. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @pwjryan Thank you for your participating and good cheer today at #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker That was a good chat tonight and it was good to exchange some views and experiences. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @bread_source Good night! Thank you for sharing #BreadChat with us today.


Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @AmateurBakers I've been out sniffing my beautifully ripe sourdough and feeding it up for a busy weekend #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @Kerstinskitchen @Pricesthebakers We're most happy to have you with us, & thrilled that #BreadChat has been helpful to you today. #BreadChat


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan its en fun enjoyed the chat, love the #realbread passion #breadchat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @pwjryan That's a good idea for amateurs. I give some courses too at our cookery school at our farmshop. It's a good moment. #BreadChat


steven winter ‏@bread_source And its a good night from me..........#breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @MortalGreenWhim Hope your work went well. This was a great chat, keep an eye out for the transcript, to be posted @thefreshloaf #BreadChat


Kerstin Losch ‏@Kerstinskitchen @Pricesthebakers #BreadChat has been really educational for me. Confirmed some of my findings fumbling in the dark + explained! Thanks


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan @lancepastrychef yeah spelt is much more fiesty #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @MortalGreenWhim Hi Sonya! We missed you, too, we were looking forward to chatting with you. #BreadChat


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan if anyone wants a learn realbread check out my courses @firehousebread bread courses with a difference #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker @pwjryan & baking bread helps us continually develop our taste, which we believe is so essential to living well. #BreadChat


Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @AmateurBakers #BreadChat so sorry - got the time wrong! Have just cleared all my work and missed the chat...


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers We'll post the #BreadChat transcript shortly @thefreshloaf


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @pwjryan @Pricesthebakers That's perfectly exact ! Not always easy though... ;-) #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Everyone is welcome to stay on and continue the #BreadChat


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan @AmateurBakers @BreadStormBaker would love to help out #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers And that's a wrap! Thank you for a wonderful #BreadChat everyone. Our best ever, perhaps.


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan @Pricesthebakers @EricFrenchBaker very true, the ultimate bakers challenge #breadchat


lance gardner ‏@lancepastrychef  @pwjryan Do u why spelt starters are hard to keep I have tried but failed #breadchat


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan that is what i love about bread such a personnal thing, always something for every taste bud #breadchat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @pwjryan That's the big advantage of working with a natural leaven. Diversity of tastes and textures. #BreadChat


Peter Cook ‏@Pricesthebakers @EricFrenchBaker @pwjryan And its the skill of the baker to manage all the variables to produce a consistent loaf. #breadchat


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan @Pricesthebakers @EricFrenchBaker very true, the ultimate bakers challenge #breadchat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @pwjryan @Pricesthebakers That's perfectly exact ! Not always easy though... ;-) #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @BreadStormBaker (full disclosure, new sponsor of our non-profit!) looking for a few beta testers, advanced bakers using formulas #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @GuitarGoth Welcome to #BreadChat


Alex Gooch ‏@AlexGoochbaker @Pricesthebakers im with you mate,struggling to keep my eyes open:) #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @AmateurBakers hit our #Twitterlimit, which means we can't follow any more bakers :-( Please follow us, so we can remove limit #BreadChat


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan @GuitarGoth @HartsBakery @HobbsHouse a strong blood line #breadchat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @pwjryan That's the big advantage of working with a natural leaven. Diversity of tastes and textures. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers With just 3 minutes left for today's #BreadChat, we have a couple of announcements.


GuitarGoth ‏@GuitarGoth @pwjryan Own starter 2+ years (white) with a couple of derived cousins from @HartsBakery & @HobbsHouse #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @lknall Welcome to #BreadChat


Alex Gooch ‏@AlexGoochbaker @pwjryan so true #breadchat


Peter Cook ‏@Pricesthebakers Should turn out light angle go to sleep but caught up in #breadchat


Liesel Davidson ‏@lknall @AmateurBakers if you feed it regularly- even every 36 hours sometimes it still springs back #breadchat


steven winter ‏@bread_source @EricFrenchBaker I agree to much acidity (some people love) masks all the flavour of a well made loaf. #breadchat


Alex Gooch ‏@AlexGoochbaker @EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers sight+smell for me,my heart lies with a rye starter,other ones come and go but the rye is king #breadchat


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan that is what i love about bread such a personnal thing, always something for every taste bud #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers We used our levain to make this 3kg miche over the weekend (photo, formula): #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers A good acidity is important for a good leaven. That's one of its caracteristics. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @waynecaddy1 Welcome to #BreadChat


steven winter ‏@bread_source Seriously always always taste it, once that flour taste has gone and left a lovely tang shes ready. #breadchat


Peter Cook ‏@Pricesthebakers @AmateurBakers I go purely by sight. Amount and size of bubbles can tell you a lot. #breadchat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers But I'd like to precise that this is my own taste and my style of bread... #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @BreadStormBaker Yes, that's OK, now that's were approaching the last 5 minutes of #BreadChat, it's free discussion time. #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers I especially pay attention to avoid a sour taste (too much acetic acid) which I find unpleasant, almost gross.#BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @MummaRuth Welcome to #BreadChat! There are a couple of good gluten-free baking blogs, find links to them from our blog


steven winter ‏@bread_source Never eyeball your starter too much it will never peak, its like going to the urinal on a night out #stagefright #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @ShakeySemple Yes, this has turned out to be a great topic. We must thank @WindyCityWriter for suggesting it #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers The tasting give me an estimation of the acidity. I also control the type of acidity (lactic or acetic). #BreadChat


Peter Cook ‏@Pricesthebakers @AlexGoochbaker @EricFrenchBaker you get a much "sourer" sourdough with a longer interval between feeds. Obv not too long. #breadchat


Ruth Tarrant ‏@MummaRuth @RealBread @amateurbakers #BreadChat Hi, looking for a good gluten free bread recipe as one of my boys is on a wheat free diet


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan @richard_howell @EricFrenchBaker try it out on a saturday night #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker You taste it? What does the taste tell you? #BreadChat


David Semple ‏@ShakeySemple @AmateurBakers thank you very interesting #breadchat


BreadStorm Software ‏@BreadStormBaker @AmateurBakers Is it OK to ask during #BreadChat? Looking for a few advanced bread bakers to join our beta group. Bakers using formulas.


David Semple ‏@ShakeySemple @pwjryan @bread_source will let you know how it works interested to see if taste goes all the way to loaf #breadchat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers Personally, I estimate the maturation of my leaven on sight and with my taste... #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @pwjryan Actually, you can make a starter with whatever contains starch. Potato is a classic in Germany. #BreadChat


Alex Gooch ‏@AlexGoochbaker @EricFrenchBaker @Pricesthebakers it depends what flavour,texture im looking for,past its peak can create some fantastic results#breadchat


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan has anyone ever tried the maoiri starter using potato and potato, its interesting stuff #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @ShakeySemple Welcome to #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Q3: Besides eye-balling starter to know when it's peaked, other measurements we can make? Use water glass, thermometer, litmus… #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @pwjryan This was due to a cloth let on the leaven for protecting it, with a hole in the middle. #BreadChat


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan @EricFrenchBaker i like that analogue #breadchat


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan @ShakeySemple @bread_source interesting let us know how it goes #breadchat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @pwjryan In the old times, bakers were use to say (in France) that it's ready when it makes the nipple... ;-) #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Time for question 3 #BreadChat


David Semple ‏@ShakeySemple @bread_source @pwjryan I am trying a new starter made with elderflower flour and water just today roll on great bread ny Sunday #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker @pwjryan We've used the "floating leaven" technique to test our panettone leaven. #BreadChat


Alex Gooch ‏@AlexGoochbaker @richard_howell @pwjryan @ericfrenchbaker @amateurbakers knocking the air out doesn't matter,the feeding yeast will put it back #breadchat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @pwjryan When the leaven floats... Honestly, I never heard of this technique... maybe. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @pwjryan 100% coarse rye chops, fermented with sourdough, one of the tastiest breads in the world. Finns are raised on it. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @pwjryan Good question! #BreadChat


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan what is everyones favourite kind of sourdough, any funky flavour combos out there # breadchat


Rich Howell ‏@richard_howell @pwjryan @ericfrenchbaker @amateurbakers is this stage when the leaven floats in water as advocated by Chad Robertson/Tartine? #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @Pricesthebakers It's true but, still, the peak is the best time. #BreadChat


BreadStorm Software ‏@BreadStormBaker #BreadChat @EricFrenchBaker is a 6-year-old culture superior to a 6-month-old culture? Does culture continue improving after it "matures?"


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @pwjryan Knocking out the gas is not important during the mixing as the fermentation will produce some after. #BreadChat


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan @richard_howell @ericfrenchbaker @amateurbakers it will but this is the stage at which u want to catch your starter #breadchat


Rich Howell ‏@richard_howell @pwjryan @ericfrenchbaker @amateurbakers does the air not get knocked out when mixing with flour and water? #BreadChat


steven winter ‏@bread_source @pwjryan I like to think it more rock and roll, Old man Rod Stewart trading his wife in for a younger model every 6 months. #breadchat


Peter Cook ‏@Pricesthebakers @EricFrenchBaker I used to think that too. But now realise you can make fantastic bread after the starter has "peaked". #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @Kerstinskitchen We understand. We were motivated, in part, by 100% Finnish rye sourdough, dense and chewy, which we make at home #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers When a leaven becomes weak, you need to refresh it several times at warm temperature. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Bread bakers listening in to #BreadChat, please follow us (if not already). We've hit our #Twitterlimit and need followers. Please RT!


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan @EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers u want 2 keep the air trapped in your starter use it at its height of fermenation for max result #breadchat


Alex Gooch ‏@AlexGoochbaker ln summer i use v cold water and if its very warm i reduce time between feeds.she goes in the fridge if im not baking #breadchat


Peter Cook ‏@Pricesthebakers @AmateurBakers @pwjryan Clive Mellum. Baker at Shipton Mill. #realbread hero #BreadChat


Kerstin Losch ‏@Kerstinskitchen @AmateurBakers Ty, bake mainly for home use, missing German dense rye bread got me into sourdough #breadchat


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan @bread_source be you grow quiet attached like giving a kid up for adoption. regulary work her out and she will stay strong #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker Right stage, do you means when it just begins to recede, after a robust fermentation period? #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers This means it needs to be at the apogee of the fermenting potential. When it goes further, you need to refresh it. #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers The important thing is to make sure your leaven is at the right stage when you use it. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker How do you revive a leaven that is not in good health? #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @Kerstinskitchen Welcome to #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @AlexGoochbaker Welcome to #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers The only time I thrown out a leaven is when it suddenly died, maybe due to a virus. Otherwise, never. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @pwjryan @Pricesthebakers Clives? Translate from the Irish, please :-) #BreadChat


steven winter ‏@bread_source Just throwing it out there, #breadchat


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan @lancepastrychef a beauty #breadchat, have always liked the name stacey , tempromental old girl


steven winter ‏@bread_source Don't you think old leaven get lazy and dull just like people? How about a nice fresh zesty lively one produced every six months? #breadchat


Kerstin Losch ‏@Kerstinskitchen @AmateurBakers There is a distinction in smell #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker

@pwjryan This is true if you have a good control of your leaven's fermentation. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers

This is #BreadChat, brought to you from sweltering hot 95C/35C Chicago. We're talking about maintaining sourdough culture over the summer.


Alex Gooch ‏@AlexGoochbaker hi there! my starter is 7 years old,i started it with sprouted spelt. mine lives out of the fridge..#breadchat


Rich Howell ‏@richard_howell @EricFrenchBaker blimey 30kg! 400g is a lot for me :) #BreadChat


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan @Pricesthebakers i tink every has had a bit of clives, it gets around lol #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Q2: How do you know when it's time to throw out your wild yeast culture? How do you know when it has gone bad? #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers We'll add in question 2 now #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @richard_howell The fridge is around 3 °c. The batch of leaven is a minimum of 25-30 kg. So, it takes a while to cool down. #BreadChat


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan if used on a daily basis sitting at room temp is prefectly fine. if you only use it once a week fridge and feed every 4 days #breadchat


Peter Cook ‏@Pricesthebakers The 1st starter I was given was from Clive Mellum at Shipton Mill. Threw it out when I thought I'd killed it and started again #breadchat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers @richard_howell The time in the fridge allow the leaven to achieve its maturation. Then, it stabilises. #BreadChat


Rich Howell ‏@richard_howell @EricFrenchBaker what temp do you run fridge at? #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @bread_source Welcome to #BreadChat!


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker That's OK, Eric. Stay with us. Technical problems happen sometimes. #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @richard_howell We use a fridge. #BreadChat


steven winter ‏@bread_source Howdy from the East #bread chat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker @richard_howell We let leaven rise at room temperature & cool it down over night #BreadChat Eric, why do you do that?


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers It looks like I don't get all the messages... Twitter doesn't work well here... #BreadChat


Peter Cook ‏@Pricesthebakers @AmateurBakers Never take its temperature, but by experience you get to know what's too cold and what's too warm. #breadchat


Rich Howell ‏@richard_howell @EricFrenchBaker do you use ambient temp to cool down or fridge? #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers RT WOW @richard_howell @Tom_Herbert_ mine is 57years old got it from @Tom_Herbert_ #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @lancepastrychef Welcome to #BreadChat! Please follow us, we need followers, we've hit the #Twitterlimit


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers @richard_howell Here, we start letting our leaven rising at room temperature and we cool it down over night. #BreadChat


Rich Howell ‏@richard_howell mine is 57years old got it from @Tom_Herbert_ #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @ChefPhil24 Welcome to #BreadChat! Please follow us, we need followers, we've hit the #Twitterlimit


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan @ChefPhil24 is like having a new born, amazing how attached you become, almost lost mine on the move from the UK alive and well #breadchat


lance gardner ‏@lancepastrychef @pwjryan #breadchat 6 months old new born baby


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers @richard_howell The temperature is important as yeast and bacteria like warmth. They are like us... ;-) #BreadChat


phil joy ‏@ChefPhil24 @pwjryan I need to start another one #breadchat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers My leaven is around 6 years old. But I mixed it with others and added some new cultures.#BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @richard_howell @EricFrenchBaker Q1: How important is temperature constancy, in encouraging a thriving wild yeast culture? #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Here comes question 1 @EricFrenchBaker #BreadChat


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan My little baby is just over 4 years old, packed with character #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrechBaker How old is your oldest sourdough culture? #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @pwjryan That's a great question. Please tell us, when you say hello. 2.5 years, in our house. #BreadChat


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan i will be representing all @firehousebread tonight, so big bread love from west cork #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @pwjryan Welcome to #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @Reddogbakery Sleep tight! #BreadChat. Be sure to check out the transcript @thefreshloaf


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan so how old is everyones sourdough babies? #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers For those of you just joining us here at #BreadChat, a short description of what we're about:


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers We have some questions submitted in advance by bakers, & we'll start with those in a few minutes #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker That's great, Eric, thank you for letting us know. #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers Hello to all the participants to this #BreadChat.


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker The messages start to come normally... the connexion is improving. I can start chatting on #BreadChat.


Red Dog Bakery ‏@Reddogbakery Sorry can't stay and #breadchat bed calls, maybe next week!!


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers We'll wait a few more minutes for bakers to come online and say hello #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers

Please remember to mark each of your tweets with #BreadChat, so everyone can follow the discussion.


Patrick Ryan ‏@pwjryan evening all nice to be part of this evening #breadchat, #realirishbread bit of advice from the irish quarter

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @richard_howell @ericfrenchbaker olo chatters? What does that mean? #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @richard_howell @BreadStormBaker Welcome to #BreadChat!


Rich Howell ‏@richard_howell top topic woke this morning to find a rim of mould on top of my starter jar - never happened before hot day yesterday #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @WindyCityWriter Thank you for suggesting today's #BreadChat topic.


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Professional bakers have luxury of temperature/humidity-controlled cabinets for sourdough. We home bakers, likely not. #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker #Breadchat My Twitter access is terribly slow... I don't get the messages for now...


Rich Howell ‏@richard_howell olo chatters @AmateurBakers @ericfrenchbaker #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Welcome to #BreadChat, everyone! We're here with our co-host, Eric Duhamel @EricFrenchBaker. Please say hello when you come online.


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers At today's #BreadChat, we're talking about sourdough (AKA wild yeast cultures), and surviving summer heat.


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker It's wonderful to have you as our co-host again this month. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Welcome to #BreadChat, @EricFrenchBaker!


BreadStorm Software ‏@BreadStormBaker Hello @AmateurBakers. Ready for #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @Amateurbakers Ready for the new #Breadchat ?


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers So excited for #BreadChat, starting in 10 minutes. We'll talk about sourdough in the summer. Our latest sourdough: