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ITJB Round 2 Week 6: Sandwich Cookies (p. 226) June 9 - June 16

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ITJB Round 2 Week 6: Sandwich Cookies (p. 226) June 9 - June 16

I really love these sandwich cookies. I love their simplicity, their yumminess, and the fact that everyone else loves them is a bonus. If you have any fresh apricot jam to slather on them, even better, though I hear they are also (perhaps unfairly) good sandwiched with Nutella. Which  makes me think that maybe I should sandwich some with chocolate ganache and raspberry jam. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!



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baked those sandwiches cookies.... All that is left of them are these pictures for proof that we actually did it!!! YUMMY!! 

Barb, gmabaking, went for the traditional tea cookie with strawberry jam filling... they look so good and her circles are so perfect.  We all agreed that this is a great dough and easy to toss together for that special occasion baking.  Very light and nice. 

 Don't those circles look so perfect, they could have been cookie cutter-ed!

Helen, gmabaking2,  and I went for the creme filled cookies, more like Oreos... these are great - the chocolate ones are very good, but I really liked the filling best in the vanilla ones... liked... past tense... they were so good.  This will definitely become a favorite in all of our branches of the family... and will be passed on to our progeny.

Helen's beautiful cookies are on the left... looking lovely.... Mine are on the right, looking like they should be in the grubby hands of a two year old, both hands!  Actually mine looked so much like "Moon-pies" I was tempted to make them chocolate coated.  We are always amazed at how different and yet similar our results are in these challenges... it is so true that even following a recipe exactly, the baker does put their personal signature on their creation! 


So, there you go! We enjoyed our sisterly baking day... and of course, the results.... very good.  These weekly bakes bring Washington state and Texas closer together for the day, nice! Looking forward to "NY Water Bagels" next week.  

See you here.


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Cookies cutter instead of perfect piping? Well!

Have to admit that is exactly what I did.....Used small scoop, then wet glass and smoothed with wet finger ...worked fine for smooth tops but they still were not circles enough to match up in sandwiches. I used my small cookie cutter on the cooled cookies, worked great. Tried leaving the last panful in the scooped shape and would not recommend that. They kept the inner lump with flat sides, look like a tiny space ship! Didn't affect the taste though.

I think the same idea could be used by slicing a pint of ice cream and cutting with cookie cutter to make ice cream sandwiches. A bit of a pressing together would smoosh the ice cream out just enough to roll in sprinkles. Think that will be a great project for the grandchildren.

Loved the taste and texture, sweetness level reminded me of really good mandelbrot.



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Okay, take gmabaking's idea and refreeze the ice cream sandwich cookies and then when frozen, dip them in chocolate coating and pop em back in the freezer.... YUM!