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The Sourdough Hotel

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The Sourdough Hotel

From the UK "guardian online" today, 30th May.   Holiday sancutary for your pet!!!

Make of it what you will, but it's a good, quick read


Best wishes


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I love it....that's pretty funny! 

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What a clever idea.  Wonder if, after the article, it will become lucrative????  Probably not due to refrigeration but it is a cute idea.


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the 49'ers in CA would have tried to source baking powder or yeast.  Commercial yeast wasn't invented and marketed until 30 years later or so.  Baking powder wasn't made in the USA until at least 1855 in RI.  Still, a hotel for starters, a novel idea,  shows how attached we can be to ours - just like the 49'ers in CA.

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I seem to remember Andrew Whitley explaining on a sourdough course how he had travelled from the then Soviet Uinon with a walnut sized piece of heritage Borodinsky leaven in a sock ...  But a fortnight in Bali or Madagascar might not be too good for a piece of sourdough!

I guess that the 'hotel' is a Swedish vanity trip - especially  judging by the way some of the awful grey watery sludges in boxes at the back of my fridge will spring into life after months of neglect- particularly if using rye meal. But that is one of the realities that the infrequent sourdough baker has to put up with.


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Hi Andy

Perhaps an additional line of business for you to start?

Best Wishes