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Converting a recipe to sourdough only

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Converting a recipe to sourdough only

I found this interesting recipe on TFL, posted by David, and want to convert it to using sourdough starter only instead of the partial baker's yeast. Here it is:

How much should I increase the starter amount to replace 4.6 grams of instant yeast?
Should I let the dough bulk ferment overnight instead of 30 minutes?
Should I encrease the final proof to a couple of hours or even more?

Any other suggestions to changes in process?

On the other hand, I will start out by doing this recipe as it is but I'd like to convert it. Beint a novice SD baker, I'm not altogether sure of how to make a conversion like that. I do like those Nordic rye breads and am thrilled with this one I frequently bake: 

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Did you see Andy's version? It appears to be all sourdough.

Should be enough there for the adaptation, if there is need to.

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Thank you, this is very helpful. At a quick glance, I think I might opt for a slower and longer baking time. In my country there is a tradition of very caramellized rye bread, baked at 100°-120°C for 8-14 hours. Those become deep, dark brown in colour, are sweet and moist.