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Transcript of May 2012 #BreadChat (from Twitter)

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Transcript of May 2012 #BreadChat (from Twitter)

New for 2012, #BreadChat is a Twitter discussion hour for bakers of yeasted, artisanal breads.

At the May 16, 2012 #BreadChat, we were fortunate to co-host once again with @EricFrenchBaker, Master Baker at Daylesford Organic.

During #BreadChat@EricFrenchBaker answered questions about the path from amateur baker to professional.

Below is the transcript (note: it reads from bottom to top, Twitter-style).



Turano Baking Co. ‏@turanobaking Thanks Eric. All aspiring and amateur bakers can learn from you. MT @EricFrenchBaker It was great to talk with you all tonight. #BreadChat

ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker Thank you, Eric! It was wonderful to chat with you. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker @WindyCityWriter Thank you for correcting me! I had a feeling I had that wrong . . . :-) #BreadChat


Jason Smith ‏@WindyCityWriter Exactly. Promote Actic acid desired for its sweet milky taste. #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker I have to leave now. It was great to talk with you all tonight. #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers @WindyCityWriter I would say it's discouraging acetic acid production and promoting lactic acid... #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @bread_source Thank you! Happy you could participate! #BreadChat


tibothebaker ‏@tibothebaker @AmateurBakers to amateurs thinking of jumping the wall, did that 6 weeks course, recommend it #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @WindyCityWriter Re: "Natural levin bread, not sour" Meaning that you'd discourage lactic acid buildup, source of sourness? #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @WindyCityWriter "Feeding schedules for starters" with special respect for weather. That's an interesting idea for a #BreadChat topic.


Jason Smith ‏@WindyCityWriter Lets talk feeding schedules for starters. Its summer in Chicago, how often do i feed and when. Natural levin bread, not sour #BreadChat


 ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Hello @WindyCityWriter Good to know you've been listening to #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @TheTinyBakery Keep an eye out the the #BreadChat transcript, soon to be posted @thefreshloaf


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker Depending on where you are, have a good day, evening, night... #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @AmateurBakers/BreadBakersAroundTheWorld To suggest #BreadChat topic or submit question to next #BreadChat email

steven winter ‏@bread_source Good night to you all, Happy baking and GET SOME SLEEP!!! #Breadchat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @TheTinyBakery Yes, @AmateurBakers always does ! #BreadChat


Jason Smith ‏@WindyCityWriter Tuning in #BreadChat


Venetta Leyland ‏@TheTinyBakery @AmateurBakers So sorry to miss #BreadChat, will there be a transcript???


ricky hay ‏@zacsbakehouse @bread_source @amateurbakers @ericfrenchbaker yes guys, sum good Q&A tonite #realbread #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @AmateurBakers/BreadChat-ers Keep an eye out the the #BreadChat transcript, soon to be posted @thefreshloaf


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Visit the #BreadChat webpage for news about the next #BreadChat


Daylesford Farm ‏@DaylesfordFarm @AmateurBakers @all_you_knead @turanobaking @bread_source @YAFFLE87 @tibothebaker Look forward to the next #BreadChat. Please remind us when


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @all_you_knead @turanobaking @DaylesfordFarm @bread_source @YAFFLE87 @tibothebaker Thank you for participating in #BreadChat this month!


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @zacsbakehouse @LoveBread_ @melbise @21_urbhousewife @MortalGreenWhim @BeKitchenHappy Thank you for taking part in #BreadChat today!


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @bread_source @AmateurBakers Thanks a lot. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker @tibothebaker Yes, consistency of production is highest goal, to trust oneself to make delicious bread everyday #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers Sorry, my connection crashed down for a few minutes... #BreadChat


steven winter ‏@bread_source @AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker Good work Eric, truthfuly and well answered #Breadchat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @tibothebaker @AmateurBakers The main aim everyday is the consistency of the production, not experimentation. It's rewarding too #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @tibothebaker Enjoy learning about worst baking mistakes. Sometimes a source of inspiration. How did the soda-ciabatta taste? #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Many thanks to our generous co-host, @EricFrenchBaker! #BreadChat


tibothebaker ‏@tibothebaker @AmateurBakers worst mistake: replacing salt with soda in a batch of sourdough ciabatta....bin! #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers If you've been listening in to #BreadChat, tweet now and tell us you're out there. Remember to mark your tweet with #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Everyone's welcome to stay on and continue the chat #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @AmateurBakers And that's a wrap! Thank you, everyone, for a lively May #BreadChat


Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @EricFrenchBaker some of the mistakes were so funny I can't help remember. The ciabatta dough almost became a new life form #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @tibothebaker @AmateurBakers Experimentation is a lot of fun in bakery. Sadly, we don't do that often enough professionally. #BreadChat


tibothebaker ‏@tibothebaker @AmateurBakers Be curious, try different doughs/%/flour/method/leavening etc., experimentation brings great rewards! #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @MortalGreenWhim What is always important is to remember the mistakes to not reproduce them and progress.#BreadChat


Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @AmateurBakers @ericfrenchbaker I agree. Taking the time to work out what goes wrong and what goes well is invaluable #BreadChat


All You Knead ‏@all_you_knead #breadchat we like to call most 'mistakes' experiments or works in progress ha!....


Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim I think I have made enough mistakes to fill an entire book. The ciabatta that was batter, the cold fire, dead yeast! #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBaker @EricFrenchBaker Each mistake should be different from the last :-) Mistake, analysis, experimentation, then another mistake... #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers Keeping doing mistakes and failing, that's not permitted in the bakehouse... ;-) #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers At Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers we encourage mistakes often, as fastest way to learn. As professional, mistakes may have risks #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers Failure and mistakes are the best way for understanding what's going on. #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers @MortalGreenWhim @all_you_knead This is perfectly true. Unloading a well baked loaf is an immense pleasure.#BreadChat


Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @bread_source @all_you_knead @ericfrenchbaker yes! Hard work is rewarding and builds the passion to do more #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker We'll ask a question: Have you ever learned from a mistake/failure you've learned while professional baker? #BreadChat


Daylesford Farm ‏@DaylesfordFarm @EricFrenchBaker @Rose_Prince You can ask Rose & her children all about it on Saturday at our Summer Festival #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @MortalGreenWhim @all_you_knead @ericfrenchbaker And working with hands, there's satisfaction at the end of the day from that #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @MortalGreenWhim That's why I like also to give some courses of meet the customers like this coming Saturday at our farm. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @bread_source Please mark each of your tweets with #BreadChat, otherwise no one sees them.


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @MortalGreenWhim It's true, the contact with the customer is pleasant. Sharing the pleasure of the bread is a great thing. #BreadChat

steven winter ‏@bread_source @MortalGreenWhim @all_you_knead @ericfrenchbaker It is the best job in the world!!!! #BreadChat


All You Knead ‏@all_you_knead @EricFrenchBaker not put off! trained as a prof baker when young but changed career, going back to it but on my own in my own way #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker @all_you_knead Even if never going pro, learning art of bread baking is wonderful gift to share with loved ones #BreadChat


Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @all_you_knead @ericfrenchbaker but the upside is doing something special & if small, having direct contact with customers #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @DaylesfordFarm @Rose_Prince I'd love to hear more about this 'Pocket bakery'. #BreadChat


Owen Postgate ‏@YAFFLE87 Bread baking is a wide field, one could study and practice one's whole life, and still have more to learn #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @all_you_knead I did a professional reconversion at 32. So, everything is possible but it demands a lot of work and will. #BreadChat


Daylesford Farm ‏@DaylesfordFarm @Rose_Prince & her talented children have set up 'Pocket Bakery'. Rose do join #BreadChat as I'm sure you've got lots of advice for us


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @all_you_knead This is not for discouraging people who would like to try the adventure. It is just for being pragmatic. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @BeKitchenHappy and @LoveBread_ you had questions, yes? #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers We now open the floor to questions. Do you have a question for @EricFrenchBaker ? #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @all_you_knead You can see a lot of passionate amateurs giving up a professional carrier because of the difficulties. #BreadChat


steven winter ‏@bread_source @EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers and thats not the other bakers! #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @bread_source Be sure to mark each tweet with #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @tibothebaker Be sure to mark each tweet with #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers This is due to the fact we work with something alive ! #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers It's true that bakery is one of the most simple food "arts" but it is also one of the most difficult technically. #BreadChat


All You Knead ‏@all_you_knead @EricFrenchBaker must agree, it's a physical job requiring stamina, unsociable hrs, usually doing all jobs when you're a small co #breadchat


Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @EricFrenchBaker absolutely! And trying to do all these things at the same time. Those are the good days... #BreadChat


steven winter ‏@bread_source @EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers Biggest thing people need to understand before any commitment is made,Physicaly and mentaly hard #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Bread baking is a wide field, one could study and practice one's whole life, and still have more to learn #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers We imagine it also depends on one's goal, what one would specifically like to master and contribute to the world of baking #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers Yes, that's the book ; my bible. ;-) #BreadChat


Daylesford Farm ‏@DaylesfordFarm @AmateurBakers Thanks so much. We look forward to learning lots tonight and bonding over a common love - bread. #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker Being a baker requires physical strength, strong will, execution speed, precision, good technique. It's important to realise this.#BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker Is this the book you mentioned? #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers @bread_source It's true that the baker's job is not always the fun of amateur baking. It's a hard job. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @DaylesfordFarm Welcome to #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers From @bread_source "If you are thinking about it always go and do a shift at a bakery first, you will soon know if its for you" #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @bread_source Be sure to mark each of your tweets with #BreadChat, so others can follow the conversation


Daylesford Farm ‏@DaylesfordFarm If you have any bread baking questions we advise you join this evenings #BreadChat - happening right now


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @bread_source Welcome to #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker Sometimes, applying for the smallest position in the bakery can be also a way to learn and progress, even without experience. #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker Q2 : The best way to approach a baker is to offer to come and learn, giving a hand to his production. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @turanobaking Welcome to #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers This book goes into techniques, chemistry and physics about bread. #BreadChat


Turano Baking Co. ‏@turanobaking #BreadChat going on right now. Great insight from @EricFrenchBaker


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Question 2: @melbise asks, what's a good way to approach a baker for work, if you have only done home baking in the past? #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers It's time to move on to Question 2 #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers In this case, THE reference in term of technique is "Les pains français". The best book ! #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @MortalGreenWhim @EricFrenchBaker Good idea. Solid mentorship is a strong predictor of success, in most endeavors. #BreadChat


All You Knead ‏@all_you_knead hi all on #breadchat books great for ref, courses can be good, often expensive, best way to learn is from working with exp baker


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers A beginner professional book is always a good investment. Be critic, then, on some explanations about "improver". #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @zacsbakehouse Welcome to #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker Many of our bakers speak French (Spanish, Italian, German, :-) Books in languages other than English are welcome #BreadChat


Helen O'Brien ‏@BeKitchenHappy @EricFrenchBaker Thank you #BreadChat


Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @EricFrenchBaker @amateurbakers and find a friendly pro to spend time with! #BreadChat


ricky hay ‏@zacsbakehouse @EricFrenchBaker @amateurbakers def need to perfect the craft as eric says on a small scale before thinking of going big #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers Actually, my best reference book is in French. ;-) Specialised forums and experiment is the best. #BreadChat


Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @EricFrenchBaker I agree. You must be good at the bread making. Just need a differently approach for baking on a bigger scale #BreadChat


LoveBread CIC ‏@LoveBread_ @AmateurBakers sorry - timeline all over as on #yorkshirehour too. #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker If understanding fermentation is most important, how best to learn? Experimentation? A particular textbook? #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @LoveBread_ Affording the equipment... try the second hand one. That's the only way at the beginning. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @LoveBread_ We're on Q1: What are must-have skills for home baker going pro? Please save your question for after pre-submitted ?s #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @AmateurBakers 3... Understanding the fermentation, the kneading, the baking. The 4th : the shaping (too often a big defect).#BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @LoveBread_ Welcome to #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @MortalGreenWhim I would say that the maths are important but doesn't make the baker's quality. #BreadChat


LoveBread CIC ‏@LoveBread_ @AmateurBakers @BeKitchenHappy we're just starting out as community bakers. how will we ever afford premises and equipment #breadchat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker For example, what are, in your opinion, 3 of the most beneficial skills for a professional bread baker? #BreadChat

Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker @BeKitchenHappy Dried or fresh, that doesn't make any difference. The difference comes from the type of yeast and its quantity. #BreadChat


Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim Thinking in batches, scaling up formulas and costing. Basically maths, spreadsheets and a good dose of logistics #BreadChat


LoveBread CIC ‏@LoveBread_ @21_urbhousewife i've been on handmade bakery and @haxbybaker . both great #breadchat

Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker The must-have skills is, I would say, the understanding of the fermentation processes. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @BeKitchenHappy #BreadChat focus today is amateur bakers looking to bake professionally.


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @BeKitchenHappy Welcome to #BreadChat. We're starting with a couple of pre-submitted questions, then opening the floor for others.


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker That's a very tricky question... My technical book is 300 pages. There's a lot of knowledge for such few ingredients. #BreadChat


Helen O'Brien ‏@BeKitchenHappy @AmateurBakers Do you think it makes a big difference to the flavour of the bread if you use fresh yeast rather than dried? #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Question 1: @21_urbhousewife would like to know, what are some must-have courses/skills for home bakers looking to turn pro? #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker #BreadChat Hello @MortalGreenWhim


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers @EricFrenchBaker and we will kick off the discussion with question 1 #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Hello @tibothebaker and @MortalGreenWhim ! Welcome to #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers This month we discuss questions submitted by amateur bakers thinking of baking bread professionally. #BreadChat


Sonya Hundal ‏@MortalGreenWhim @AmateurBakers @ericfrenchbaker hello :) #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers For those of you just joining us here at #BreadChat, a short description of what we're about:


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers We have some questions submitted in advance by bakers, & we'll start with those in a few minutes #BreadChat


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker #BreadChat Hello @AmateurBakers !


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers And please remember to mark each of your tweets with #BreadChat, so everyone can follow the discussion.


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Welcome to #BreadChat, everyone! We're here with our co-host, Eric Duhamel @EricFrenchBaker. Please say hello when you come online.


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Our first two questions come from @21_urbhousewife and @melbise , respectively. #BreadChat


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers Hello, @EricFrenchBaker ! Welcome back to #BreadChat. It's wonderful to have you as our co-host again this month.


Eric Duhamel ‏@EricFrenchBaker #BreadChat Almost ready... ;-)


Victoria Blogg ‏@21_urbhousewife @AmateurBakers excited for #BreadChat @melbise and I are stuffing our faces with cakes at Edinburgh Cake Ladies tonight!!


ChicagoAmateurBakers ‏@AmateurBakers #BreadChat starts in 5 minutes. Welcome, bread bakers!