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Asiago Cheese Sourdough

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Asiago Cheese Sourdough

Finally after a couple miserable failures I have a good lookin loaf! Well, at least by my standards. I used a, I guess you could say country loaf, recipe and just incorporated the cheese inside and out. I was beginning to loose faith in sourdough and go back to yeasted breads for a while but glad I tried one more. (BTW I have nothing bad to say about yeast breads, just trying to get a better feel for sourdough) Hope you all enjoy! Crumb shot to follow.

Thanks, J

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If it Tastes as good as it looks you hit a home run!

Great job.

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Faith in Virginia

YUUUUUUM!!!!  I make that bread also.  One of my favorites.   Dang I'm hungry


Nice job, keep it up

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some cheese bread!  Looks like SD success for sure.  Nice bake.  With that amount of cheese on tehe outside the inside must be dripping!