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Tired Monday's - YW 20% Whole Grain Bag Lunch

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Tired Monday's - YW 20% Whole Grain Bag Lunch

This lunch was made with the 20% whole grain baggies.  After a busy weekend doing nothing much, it was nice to have some ready made sammy materials to use for lunch.  This YW bread was made for flavor as opposed for holes.  It came out of the freezer in good shape.

Had some left over grilled Japanese eggplant to go with leftover Holiday Ham, last nights salad, half a tomato, last of the brie cheese, home made Dijon mustard and some mayo.

After the Sammy was piled high, a couple of different home made pickles, a lovely left over polenta made with garbanzo flour instead of corn, Parmesan, Pecorino, Feta, Swiss chard, chipotle pepper and sun dried tomato.  Pink Lady apple slices left over from feeding the YW, (I wonder why there are no Brownmen apples to go wih the Pink Ladies - they must be lonely), some sliced carrots, olives and a dolop of the last of some home made hot sauces (red and green mixed) at one end of the polenta.  A very nice leftover lunch to remember.



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That's some sandwich DA!  You won't find that at your local Dunkin Donuts. :)

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in the freezer and my garbanzo flour fell out on the floor.  So, inspired,  made a polenta out of it (would been better with smoked pork jowl or bacon) using the other ingredients listed,  So don't let that GF go to waste in your freezer! 1 C milk and 1 cup chicken stock brought to a simmer adding 1 c garbanzo flour with a constant whisk - adding what ever cheese and other ingredients you can come up with for a filling - you won't have any problems in that regard :-)

The sandwich may one day be on the Llama Rhama Dhama's Bakery and Deli menu though - along with so many others :-)

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YW = ?

20% Whole Grain baggies = ?

Thanks for your help.


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is another kind of natural yeast captured and cultured  like sour dough cultures.  I started mine with Minneola tangelos and apples.  Some use raisins, apricots, apples or strawberries to start their cultures.  It doesn't bring any sour to breads but the crumb is very moist and open and the spring can be exponential.  I use it to replace commercial yeasts in recipes by building levains in 3 stages.

This yeast water leavened baguette (baggie) was made with 20% whole grains (Rye and Whole Wheat) and can be found at

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Somehow my hunch was right that "baggies" is a nickname for baguettes. haha "Baggies" to me always meant little plastic sandwich bags, like Hefty "Baggies".  

"Sammy" is nickname for sandwich, I think. 

Delicious sandwich, dabrownman. 


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YW, Sammy and baggie here - TFL is a great place to learn new things - some of which are even helpfu :-)