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Master Artisan Baker - Trinidad & Tobago

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Master Artisan Baker - Trinidad & Tobago

Hi there ,

We are family owned bakery located in Trinidad an Tobago , in the Caribbean . We are looking forward an experienced artisan baker with a minimum of 10 years .  This line intends to be leading manufacturer and distributor of  quality ciabatta and other artisan bread in Trinidad & Tobago.

 Attractive remuneration and incentive package will be negotiated with the successful applicant.

Please e-mail

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Hi pascal,

Do check into The Bread Baker's Guild of America, which has a classified section where you can post your job opening.

There's also a very experienced baker who's posted a "seeking employment" ad there.

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thomaschacon (not verified)

...I'd have my snorkel equipment packed.

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driving on the left in Trini.  Not to mention narrow streets with deep concrete-lined trenches for ditches, and no curbs.


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thomaschacon (not verified)

I'd do just about anything for fresh fish!

(Just got back from visiting my sister in Key West. I didn't want to leave because of all the fresh seafood. And I can eat 10 fish for the same calories I get from one loaf of bread.)