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Gearing up for the second round of the Inside the Jewish Bakery challenge!

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Gearing up for the second round of the Inside the Jewish Bakery challenge!

Hi, everyone! 

Wow, I can't believe it's mid-April already! I just wanted to let everyone know that I'll be posting the next round of our Inside the Jewish Bakery challenge next weekend, a little later than I'd originally planned. I plan to try to alternate sweet and savory recipes in this next round, and there will also be a bit more bread this time through. I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone does, and am hoping I'll get to bake more this time! 


See you all in a bit... 



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Looking forward to another go round!

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To see what's cooking in our kitchens for this semester. More breads sounds good.

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For me it's easier to participate if there are more savory things mixed in - two people just don't have the capacity of eating pastry every week (I know someone on four paws who would love to, but she snatches enough treats, anyway).


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Can we rename this blog.... something like ITJB - 2.... or something so that "challenges" doesn't get misconstrued as "troubleshooting".... just a thought!

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Polish Babka

So excited about the second challege. Couldn't make the first one so this will be a lot of fun. I like sweet creations, and would like to suggest poppy seed horns.

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okay, maybe patiently is the wrong word.... eagerly is better, standing by waiting for the new schedule.  Tomorrow we are making Norm's Onion Rolls (We 3 sisters, together) while we ... did I say PATIENTLY?... wait, to see what ya'll come up with. Okay, I will hummmmm while I wait.... hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm... LOL

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I loved the enthusiasm (and results) of Round 1. can't wait to see what Round 2 brings.