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Retarded Super-Grain Challah

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Retarded Super-Grain Challah

The retarded loaf came out almost identical to the non retarded one.  It was perhaps a little more sour.  Tasting the non retarded one from yesterday, it is more sour today and about the same sour as the retarded one just out of the oven.  I would guess the retarded boule will be even more sour tomorrow too.  This bread is hard to make but worth it.  I never had a bread that tastes like it, the crust is dark and softens as it cools, the crumb is moist and open, for 40% whole grain bread.  It is one of the best breads I have ever had, much less baked.  it just looks great too with the dark crust and deep yellow crumb.  Here some pix's of the retarded version 5 of  Brachflachen Mehrere Vollkombrot.


Passes poke test


Just out of the oven

Can you find the hairs?

Crumb and crust close up

Preparing for a

Nice lunch of grilled turkey franks on super-grain challah with cheese, pickled peppers and mustard, pickles, tomatoes,  apples and a home grown salad.


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You are right to be proud.  Each time I look at your bread I want a big hunk to eat!

Great job.  It's going to be hard for me to top this one for sure :)

I don't know if I have the patience to make this complicated a loaf, but it certainly looks and sounds well worth the effort.



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This bread just requires oganization.  Get the sprouts going then get the 2 levain builds going. The night before, right after you retard the 2 starters in the fridge,  I get all the flours weighed, ground and in the mixing bowl for the 1st of two autolyse's and then arrange the rest of the stuff as mis en place so it doesn't get left out - like the salt which thankfully I just left out of the formula instead of the bread.

The hard part is having the YW starter to go along with the SD.   I don't mind since the YW starter does things that no other natural starter can do - like spring, moist crumb and unique texture.

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Yum, dabrownman! beautiful crust and crumb for 40% wholegrain. You ought to be proud!


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I'm getting better with each version of this bread.  Sprouts, seeds and slashing are all growing on me.   Like most breads it gets more sour the next day, is better toasted and tastes great as a sandwich wrapper :-)

This is the second bread in a row, sweetbird's Buckwheat Apple bread the other, where I used SD and YW in combination.   They worked nicely together both times to make some fine bread. 

Thanks for your kind words.

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