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Dough that didn't rise

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Dough that didn't rise

I know exactly why it didn't rise.  I was working too fast, and (silly me) put in 2 teaspoons of yeast instead of the 2 tablespoons.  Duh.

But that means I have this large doughy mass, that I'm about to throw out... but I hate to throw it out!

Any suggestions? Crackers? Communion wafers?

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that shouldn't cause the dough to not rise at all. 2 Tablespoons is a lot of yeast, and chances are you don't need nearly that much to get the dough risen. How long as the dough been fermenting? You may just need to give it a little bit of time. 

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So you used 1/3 the amount of yeast called for. I have (intentionally)used even less, but of course made the adjustments to compensate(preferments, retarding, etc). Depends on the recipe.

 I routinely run into recipes where I eventually end up using half as much yeast called for(or less), sometimes seemingly without too much modifications.

But maybe in your case, the easiest attempt at a solution, would be to try to add some, or all, of the missing yeast to the dough. Let it rise, then proceed.

Another solution might be to just try waiting until you notice some rise, stick it in the refrigerator for 12 hours, or so, remove it, bring to room temp, and proceed.

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Well, I had mildly considered this option, so I'm going to go ahead with it.  Certainly nothing lost in trying!