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Ceramic Relief Sculptures of Bakers

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Ceramic Relief Sculptures of Bakers

I am not sure if anyone follows the Gentle Author's blog of Spittalfields Life in the East End of London, but the blog entry for 23rd March 2012 is fascinating.  These beautiful reliefs of bakers at work are worth a visit online or even in the flesh !  see and scroll down to last Friday.

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Wow thanks for sharing that website, it was a good read and beautiful sculpture. Thank You.


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Those really are quite marvelous.

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Hi Nici,

The top photo reminds me of a truth passed on to me by a baking colleague who should be retired by now.

As an Apprentice he had the job of carrying the flour up a spiral staircase from the basement to the bakery production area where he worked.   Two 70lb bags strung together as a 140lb sack...close to my body weight.   The top sculture really conveys that too.

Thanks for posting, there is some great black and white photography here too.

All good wishes


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Ah, yes...when buildings were built for beauty as well as function.  Maybe it's my taste, but I much prefer this over some of the "modern" attempts at architectural beauty, particularly on buildings built for "function" such as the bakery.  Great photography!