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Lesson on distraction

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Lesson on distraction

Here's is just a lesson on distraction. Today I was making English Muffins, since it was a cold rainy day here in Southern California I decided to use the oven to get them to rise. I turned the oven on to 350 for about 15 seconds to warm it while I was doing this my 16 year old son distracted me and instead of turning the oven off I turned it to Broil, then I put my pans in to let the dough rise. A little while later I started smelling what smelled like baking bread. I went to the kitchen, checked the stove and discovered my mistake. I was horrified. I pulled the pans out to find my muffins fully baked. They taste fine and I got great oven spring, they just have a really dense crumb. I have to just laugh about it now.  Just a lesson that no matter what is going on around you, pay attention to your baking.


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sometimes decides on its own to switch to broil! Usually I notice it only after the smoke alarm went off and the dog goes crazy.

But the kitchen timer is my best friend, after I experienced several distraction "accidents" due to untimely telephone calls - or just getting sucked into the computer...

Happy baking,


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Faith in Virginia

Funny my last batch of english muffins got messed up do to a distraction.  I ended up messing up my measurements and had too much of this or too little of that.  They turned into dog snacks.

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Sorry this so huge...but this item is now part of my wardrobe when I am baking....or should I consider it jewelry as it comes with a cord and hangs around my neck.....

Glad you didn't have a fire on your hands.  


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how many times I have turned the oven on to bake something while forgetting that I already was using it to proof some dough or another.  Some can be saved and others cannot.  The dog won't even eat them.  I was thinking about photographing them and posting the hall of shame but it would be big and take too much time :-)

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As I've gotten older I find the timer is essential in baking..even making garlic toast under broiler the timer is used. I love  your timer on a lanyard - I've got to get myself one of them!!