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San Joaquin Sourdough--from Dave Snyder

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San Joaquin Sourdough--from Dave Snyder

I just recently started following discussions and fellow blog entries on this great site.  One of the more popular recipes seems to be Dave Snyder's San Joaquin Sourdough I figured it was worth trying myself.  You can find the original recipe (and this was one of his variations), at the following link:  I do have to say this recipe lived up to all the hype and tasted excellent.  I did end up with some unexpected oven spring that ended up causing the bread to burst slightly but the crumb was excellent and the taste was tangy and nutty with a perfect bite.

The only thing I changed was to retard the dough for around 35 hours instead of 20 since I ended up going over to a friends to watch the Superbowl and didn't have time to bake the bread until yesterday.  I don't think it helped or impeded the final outcome.

Thanks again Dave for an excellent recipe!

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Crumb Shot


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Mate! that looks like a great loaf! I like the crumb. Really looks nice and tasty. I am thinking I will have to give that recipe a go at some point.

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Thanks for the kind words.  Definetly give it a go!

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I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Just one little correction .... My name is "David." I do have a cousin named "Dan," but, AFAIK, he doesn't bake bread.


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Sorry Dave....I guess that's what happens when you try to write a blog, cook dinner, and bake 2 breads all at the same time!

I have fixed your  name on my posts and I promise next time I will get it right John....I mean Dave! :)

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David is a great resource!


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with exceptionally nice crumb.  I will have to re-try it in a round.  Nice job!

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Thanks for the kind words.   I was very happy with the crumb and the overall taste.


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Lovely open crumb! Just how I like it. Well done,  isand66. :) 




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Thanks .