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#BreadChat -- Join us on February 11

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#BreadChat -- Join us on February 11

Tomorrow we Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers celebrate our first anniversary. As part of the festivities, we're experimenting with some new activities for the new year. 

#BreadChat is a discussion hour for bakers of yeasted, artisanal breads. We will meet on Twitter and tag our tweets with #BreadChat. (Many thanks to our friends at #SeedChat for inspiring us to take on this new project!)

Join us for our first #BreadChat on Saturday, February 11, from 1:00-2:00 pm Chicago time (UTC/GMT -6 hours). That's 19:00-20:00 London time, 20:00-2100 in Berlin, 21:00-22:00 in Helsinki, 6:00-7:00 am Sunday in Sydney, 

Find us by searching for and clicking on the #BreadChat hashtag on Twitter.

@AmateurBakers will lead the discussion through a handful of questions related to yeasted bread baking. To suggest a question to include in the discussion, please email it to breadchat [at] amateurbakers [dot] org by midnight (Chicago time), Friday, February 10.


Meet us at Chicago Amateur Bread Bakers.

Follow us @AmateurBakers.

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I would like to participate.  I have never twit, so I'm not sure how you do that.  I do have some questions and bread baking is something that I do really enjoy.  I see a lot of people here who are incredible bakers and they put out unbelievable products.  I wish one day I could do the same.  Anyway, thanks for the information.



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Hi Norman, you are welcome to post your questions here, and we can include them in #breadchat.


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 Here's the transcript from today's #BreadChat. Read it from bottom to top:



AmateurBakers #BreadChat That's all for today! Thanks for listening in. And stay tuned for the date/time of March's #BreadChat.

AmateurBakers #breadchat King Arthur sells Gold yeast in bulk, too:… Keeps well in freezer for years.

BreadChatIn sweet dough, sugar wants to absorb the dough's water, which the yeast needs to ferment. Gold yeast needs less water to perform #breadchat

AmateurBakers #BreadChat Professionals call regular instant yeast "red" yeast. "Gold" yeast is engineered especially for breads with high (>5%) sugar.

AmateurBakers #breadchat Baker's instant yeast can be purchased in bulk from the King Arthur Flour website:…

BreadChat  #breadchat Often you can find fresh yeast at a Northern European Speciality Market. In Chicago, I buy it at Gene's Sausage. 

AmateurBakers Last #breadchat discussion today: Where to find specialty yeasts such as fresh yeast, baker's instant yeast, osmotolerant yeast for sweets?

AmateurBakers @SourdoCompanion Nice post! Sounds like coordination will come with time & practice. By your 10th loaf, perfection! #breadchat

AmateurBakers @BreadChat Mix fresh yeast with small amount lukewarm water + pinch of sugar. If bubbles form in 5 minutes, yeast is still alive #breadchat 

BreadChat  #breadchat I have fresh yeast in the freezer, since a few months now. Do you think it still works or should I discard it?

BreadChat  #breadchat I use bread flour to feed my sourdough. I had trouble with feeding whole wheat, as it made the starter slow down a lot

AmateurBakers Starters (biga, poolish, pate fermentee) get fermentation going, while sourdough culture can be mature, complex, & live for years #breadchat

BreadChat  #breadchat I feed my sourdough culture in 24 hour intervals. It's 6 months old now. Biga for pizza I whip up 8 hours before making the dough

AmateurBakers #breadchat discussion: How do these starters (poolish, biga, pate fermentee) differ from a sourdough culture one maintains for a long time?

AmateurBakers  @BreadChat Yes, and both biga and poolish are "starters," that is, they get the yeast fermentation going. #breadchat

BreadChat Hi from Chicago! I have a biga going right now for pizza dough. Biga is stiff (low hydration), poolish is runnier. #breadchat

AmateurBakers #breadchat discussion: What's the difference among poolish, biga, and pate fermentee?

AmateurBakers We're live! Welcome to #breadchat!

AmateurBakers More about #breadchat:…

AmateurBakers our first #breadchat ever!

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Next #BreadChat: Wednesday, March 14, 10:00-11:00 am Chicago time (UTC/GMT -6 hours). That's 16:00-17:00 London time, 17:00-18:00 in Berlin, 18:00-19:00 in Helsinki. Find us by searching for and clicking on the #BreadChat hashtag on Twitter.