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White Rice Flour

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White Rice Flour

I've been using Semolina flour to dust my peels for bread but I can only find it online or at an Amish shop about an hour from my home (and Ive only been there once; how I have my Semolina flour now). I've found it to be rather expensive online and so when I bought white rice flour at less than three dollars I was wondering if perhaps it could to be used (for dusting, not bread itself) instead of semolina as it seems to have the same consistancy. Consistancy may not mean much but if I can cut costs and still have a slick peel with a burn-resistant flour, I'm game.

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is very cheap, available everywhere - and works great at keeping breads from sticking to the peel.

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I only use rice flour to dust my brotforms with.  It works better for me that semolina flour used to.  It is like tiny ball bearings and even sticky doughs don't stick to it.  I would imagine it would work well on your peel too.


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Mini Oven

Cream of wheat, plain, made from farina  USA

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Rice flour is also terrific for flouring brotforms, to keep the bread from sticking to the cane coils.

On the other hand,  you can always load your bread on a sheet of parchment and using your peel, slide it into the oven.  Works great and keeps your stone clean.