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Gluten Free sourdough recipe?

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Gluten Free sourdough recipe?

So excited I THINK after 2 weeks my gluten free sourdough starter is active enough for me to start making GF sourdough. It's doubling in size and smells great :)

I was just wondering if anybody has a trusted recipe for GF sourdough bread?


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Hi Sonia,

Sharon Kane used to post at TFL, see her blog here:

Her book is available here:

I've done a lot of commercial gluten free work in the UK, and think what she was doing with sourdough and no additives was really quite groundbreaking

Best wishes


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Many thanks for the positive comments!

all the best,

sharon kane

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Thanks so much Andy! I did a general search before posting and couldn't find a the check out your links :)

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I hope this works out for you, I have been wanting to try this for years for my wife but have had limited success with any gluten free breads, please post all your results.


Thanks Sonia

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Hi hutchndi I'll keep posting my failures/successes on my blog....Keep your fingers crossed  for me LOL.......I've already made nice bread that tasted like wheat bread and my gluten eating family love it :) Now my challenge is sourdough !

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I just found your blog with recipe so please ignore my recipe request.    Jeff



What was the recipe you used for the yeasted gluten free bread?


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Hi Sonia,

Would you be willing to share recipe for your GF starter?  And did you have any luck baking a successful GF sourdough loaf? 

Thanks so much for your time!


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Hi Ned,

I haven't had time to try my first loaf of sourdough, my Mother has been in hospital and I just haven't had the time. I pretty much treat it like my wheat starter but with more water.....100 grams sorghum flour (I have use brown rice and millet also when I've ran out of sorghum), 120 grams water and 1 gram of xanthan gum.  l leave it on my kitchen bench and feed it once a day and it normally take 4 hours to double in size.

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Laura T.

I'm currently working on one, so I'll let you know if all goes well. :) GF Gourmand has a thread on sourdough here

What type of flour are you using? My current starter is mainly rice flour, with some millet and some cornmeal. It's 100% hydration and I put in a teaspoon of organic agave at the start.