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Bacon Rolls?

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Bacon Rolls?

Hey Everybody,

My brother is coming home from living in Czech and he wants me to make these "bacon rolls".  He said they are sooo good, but expensive.  He said the bacon kinda bakes into the bread and all the oils drizzle down.  Looks pretty good to me!  He said they are awesome!!!  Any ideas?

I was just going to try PR's kaiser roll bread, make it into a hot dog bun shape and slap a piece of bacon on it.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks so much!


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Mini Oven

That kind of bacon is also called Kaiserfleisch.     "fleisch" translates to "meat"

Kaiserfleisch on a Kaiser dough!

>> wonder if one has to flip the bacon over half way thru <<

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Meat Candy!   I will have to try this.  I've done some great things w/ Sausage and Pepperoni, but bacon....