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Crust on baguettes

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Crust on baguettes

I am extremely excited because yesterday I made 4 baguettes that had a wonderfull and open crumb.  I decided to go against the grain (no pun indended), and just not knead the dough.  Instead I made an extremely wet dough (about 80% hydration) and did the stretch and fold method. I would then let the dough rise for 45 mins. and repeat the stretch and fold method again.  I did this five times.  Afterward I shaped and baked and they turned out great!!! I wish I had a camera that I could take pictures with...but I don't.

Although I do have just one question, My baguettes came out pretty small and the crust was crispy, but had a very pale color.  I think it might be because I had no sugar in the dough, or I just had too much yeast ( I used 2 Tsp.)  But I am really not quite sure, but other than the crust problem, I loved the way the bread turned out.  

So if anyone has any recomendations or hints on the crust, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Sean McFarlane

I second the temp thing, it could be the culprit.

But iw ould also like to add higher hydrations doughs often need a bit more time in the oven than lower % doughs to get that extra boost in color, but often have less of a shiny finish.