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bread with both sourdough starter and poolish/preferment

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bread with both sourdough starter and poolish/preferment

I have been researching some foreign recipes which involve translation. I have yet to bake these recipes as there is always something lost in translation. After much research I found an intriguing recipe that uses a yeasted poolish fermented for 12+ hours, ripe sourdough and fresh yeast in the final dough.  Does anyone have any recipes or baked bread that involves both a poolish/preferment and sourdough starter ?

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hi there, a lot of Eastern european rue breads involve just that - a starter, sponge and then final dough. Look up borodinsky here, for example. Wheat breads with sourdough and a pre-ferment aren't that uncommon, either. I can't think of any "established" recipe at mo but here is my conversion of a yeast bread with sponge. I kept the sponge stage in the conversion, it's just easier for me to time it that way.

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all the time for baguettes and other breads.  I stole from the best in creating these formulas and the folks who eat the bread like it very much.

Definitely something worth trying, in my opinion.

Hope this helps.

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Whether "stolen" or not, her levain/poolish baguette is my favorite baguette formula.

Here's a blog post from dmsnyder with a clear description of the formula and procedure (  And here's one with more pictures (’-see-here—just-more-baguettes-and-bagelles).

Good luck.



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Hi Annabananas,  I make a fruit loaf that should be close to what you are looking for.
Active sourdough starter       80 grams
Bread flour for preferment  116 grams
Milk for preferment             116 grams
Bread flour for soaker         116 grams
Milk for soaker                     116 grams 

I make the preferment the night before with a tad of instant yeast (1/16 of a teaspoon) if it rises to quick put it in the refrige  Make the soaker at the same time.
Next day
Bread flour                           139 grams
Egg white beaten                   23 grams if a big egg may have to add extrs flour
Salt                                           8 grams
Oil or butter                           35 grams  (could be feft out)
Honey                                     35 grams
Mixed fruit soaked in rum  174 grams
Mixed seeds                           40 grams
Instant yeast                           1 1/2 tea spoons
Mix all except fruit & seeds & egg, rest for 20 minutes, add fruit, seeds, & egg.
Let rise until doubled, put on to floured bench, fold, shape, I use a tin
rise until doubled, (bit hard to do poke test because of fruit)
Bake at 220 C for 35 to 40 min turn around at 20 min.
This is a 72% hydration so it is a bit sticky, use flour when shaping.


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I make whole wheat,whole wheat with fruit and several variations of a white bread-crusty and soft sandwich. My formulas all start with a preferment that I make up 6-12 hours before the bake (usually at bedtime the night before). The preferment is 1 c flour,1 c water and about 2-4 tablespoons active starter (about 100% hydration). The gram measures: AP Flour 144g,Water 225g, Starter 50g.  

For whole wheat, I might mix the dough sometime during the day and rest it for about 1 hour.Then I bulk ferment,shape,proof and bake.If I shift the mix time to evening, I might mix and then retard overnight in the refrig and bake the next day. Best flavor and crumb that way, actually. 

I use AP flour for my starter and preferment simply because it is cheapest and most readily on hand. You can use whatever you want.

I often use commercial yeast, even in my sourdough, simply to decrease the production time.

So there you have it-starter,preferment,commercial yeast.

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Thanks Proth5 and Gsnyde  that is exactly what I was talking about it. I am pretty loyal to my baguette recipe but will have to give this a go as I am curious how this technique affects flavor.