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What type of bread....

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What type of bread....

What type of bread goes well with turkey? Just wondering if any of you have a preference.


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My whole grain version of Pain a l'Ancienne (BBA) is my default dinner bread.

Merry Christmas,


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I was thinking something similar.  Something Ciabata-like with big holes. 



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Mini Oven

:)    Wild rice bread,  Sage bread,  Garlic and onion anything, Corn bread.  How serve you the bird?   Cold or hot?  How many excess kilos do you want to take off after the holidays?  Turkey can be rather neutral and served with just about anything.  Haven't tried chocolate bread yet.


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Hot turkey. I opted for a sourdough ciabata type bread. It's resting between stretching/folding. Think I'll make one loaf with half so I can let it cool completely as well as little rolls that I can serve warm. Baked sweet potato with cinniman and butter (this is new) and fresh green beans and mushrooms.


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Turkey on plain white bread with homemade mayonnaise makes a fabulous sandwich!

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the only bread we ever served was in the stuffing, and that was made with whatever left over bread was dried out in the house, usually homemade bread but depending, and of course sage figures large in the stuffing recipe along with onion milk and butter!

We usually had too many other things on the table to worry about bread, although it does work well for sopping up the gravy!