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Rye Bread Recipe from Stu Borken

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Rye Bread Recipe from Stu Borken

Last week or so, Stuart Borken was kind enough to post his adaptation of Rye Bread Deli Style from ABIFMAD. I had asked for it since he said it was very good. If anyone is thinking of trying it, wait no longer. It is excellent and works just as he said. I made it on Tues and baked on Thurs. I did not make the rounds as I have baguette pans with the holes which bake wonderful bread. I steamed the oven 3 times at the start, 30 sec or so intervals. The bread has a crunchy exterior and a soft, delectable interior. The dried onions add an excellent flavor.

This also makes toast to die for, I make it somewhat darker than normal to crisp up the edges.

The post with the recipe is under When Rye Goes Awry in this forum.

Merry Christmas to all and Happy Baking of course. Jean P.(VA)