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Looking for a recipe for my first brotform boule!

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Looking for a recipe for my first brotform boule!

I just got a brotform as a gift. I haven't baked in awhile. (Peter Reinhart's Book "Bread Baker's Apprentice" kind of scared me away from baking because my bread turned out horrible when I used that fault, I'm sure.)

So, being afraid of that book, I need some new bread recipes. Like most bread lovers, me likey big holes in my bread :) Got any bread recipes (french, foccacia, etc) that I won't mess up?

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Hi Jamie,

You could start off with one of the breads in our lessons, found at the top of the page. Lesson one is a simple bread than can be shaped appropriately for your brotform and proofed in it. Just dust or sprinkle some flour on the brotform first to help prevent sticking. I sometimes also dust the top of the loaf before dropping it in the basket. You can always brush it off later.

Let us know how it goes.


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Hi Jamie,

I've become a fan of the Rustic Bread Recipe on this site.  I've made it a couple of times in my brotform and liked the results. Enjoy your new toy!