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Appliqué bread.

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Appliqué bread.

I left a few, and overlay made ​​of bread dough on top.
Scissors and cut around the letters as I told, then I put the shaped bread.
Blade will cut around the pattern.
  Beautiful, decorative and what is important, very tasty!



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Mini Oven

I can also see a pile of rolls with leaf cut outs on top.  

Do you use water or milk to get the applique to stick?

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as always.   And even on this site totally unique.  -Varda

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Your breads are absolutely wonderful.


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Can you explain more about how you did this?  On the Christmas tree (what it looks like to me) loaf, the applique was cut out from a separate piece of dough that was rolled thin?  Then you applied the tree and other decorations to the loaf ...and then did your scoring around the applique so that the applique itself would stay intact?  Yes?