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Dead Battery

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Dead Battery

I have come to depend on my Frieling 11 lb. scale so when I set up for My weekend baking & 90gr on the scale changed to low bat I said a bad word.

I don't have a mechanical scale & my other scale is a 150 pounder for sausage making with a 2 ounce accuracy, no good for a 3K batch of Ciabatta. No problem I'll just change the battery except it needs a 9 volt. Who uses 9 volt any more ? My battery drawer is populated with double A's,  poop ! Off to the carry out, dang not open yet, off to the Kroger store were the 9 volt batteries are concealed well enough that I had to ask. this was a terrible blow to my guy belief that I could just walk in immediately pick up what I want, crap ! I still managed to get my sponge weighed by 7:30 & felt good till I remembered I was out of unsalted butter for my Tangzong, double dang. I'm going to get a scale that plugs into the wall & maybe a cow too.


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hi Charlie,

sorry about your ordeal! Although you did make a very amusing read out of it :-)

i suggest you ditch the scale just stick with the cow. When the electricity goes out and you can't cook at all, the cow will still be there to milk!

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You did buy two batteries while you were at it; the other one now lives in your refrigerator spare drawer, right?

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Eternal Grain

Same here. My somke alarms use 9v. They're not totally excluded from society (like the stupid penny).

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Don't plug that bovine into an electrical outlet!  The results won't be pretty.  ;-)